Why I decided to become a Child Life Coach

For as long as I can remember, I have had this burning desire to work with children. From the time I was about nine years old, that burning desire had doubled and so my parents allowed me to start baby sitting here and there. Later, I went onto become a camp counsellor at Sugar Bay and an au pair thereafter.

I would always be the first to greet any guest that came to our house, especially if they had young children and was always the last to eat my food, at any family function, as I was obsessed with feeding little ones. I’d always use the parents as an excuse saying “Oh shame they need a break, they’ve always got him and must be tired” just to justify why my food was still untouched. But it didn’t matter. Nothing mattered except that little being wrapped tightly in his blanket, nestled in my arms.

My aim in life has been and always will be to increase the confidence levels in children and to help them overcome abuse, bullying (both by their peers and parents), poor academic progress and help them understand why their best is good enough. I am here to give children the voice they never had. Nay, I am here to to teach children to have a voice, to speak up and to speak out until they are heard.

One thing I like to tell children is that no one can tell you how to think, what to feel or what you can or can’t say. Of course it is situation dependent and timing is everything but most of them seem to grasp the concept pretty quickly. But it’s true.

I think my interest in children has always been there, but after my parents’ difficult divorce and effect it had on my younger brother and I, it clarified my thinking about children and how vulnerable they are.

Over the years I’ve come to realise that often children don’t feel like they have alternative options, other adults to confide in or people to help them out of the shit when the time calls for it. For those reasons, coupled with may more, is the reason we need to encourage our children to talk to us or a close relative to ensure they don’t feel alone. See, life is all about trial and error, falling down and getting back up but it’s also about uplifting, supporting, embracing, helping and educating our youth of today which is why I am a Child Life Coach. I am dedicated to helping people become the best possible version of themselves but more importantly, I am addicted to seeing people thrive and overcome their greatest obstacles: their self-limiting beliefs.

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