What is an au pair?

What is an Au Pair?

An au pair is someone who is usually unmarried, between the ages of 18-30 years old and is usually a female. This person is there to assist children with homework and school projects, drives them to and from school and is considered a member of the family.

An au pair is someone who…

  • Has a Matric qualification
  • Between the ages of 18-30
  • Has a First Aid qualification
  • Has or is studying towards a degree/diploma/higher certificate
  • Can have teaching experience
  • Has a drivers license
  • Has their own transport
  • Works Monday – Friday and sometimes on the weekend if the family requires
  • Oversees children’s homework and school projects
  • Takes the children to and from school
  • Transports them to any extra murals, sporting events and doctors appointments
  • Runs errands such as grocery shopping
  • Does not perform any domestic duties

A Junior Level Au Pair:

A Junior level au pair is someone who…

  • Has a year or less of au pairing experience
  • Hasn’t completed any au pairing courses
  • May or may not have their First Aid and CPR
  • Is able to assist children with homework, school projects and test preparation
  • Can usually only commit for 6-12 months as an au pair

A Senior Level Au Pair:

A senior level au pair is someone who…

  • Is 24 years and older
  • Has completed various au pair courses like: life coach courses for au pairs, au pair training and first aid
  • Has 3+ years of childcare experience
  • Has a formal childcare degree/diploma
  • Assists children with homework, school projects and study preparation
  • Can commit for more than 1 year

A live-in Au Pair:

A live-in au pair is someone who…

  • Is considered a  senior au pair
  • Has 3+ years of au pairing experience
  • Has completed Life Coach Training, First Aid or Au Pair Training
  • Lives on the property
  • Is available to the family when they need
  • Earns between R15 000 and R20 000 per month
  • Has relevant childcare qualifications and courses (Diploma, Degree, Higher Certificate)

An overseas Au Pair:

An overseas au pair or someone who travels around the world au pairing is someone who…

  • Travels overseas to live with a host family
  • Has a certificate in Au Pair Training
  • Has a certificate in  First Aid & CPR training
  • Has completed Life Coach training for Au Pairs
  • They travel with the family when they go on holidays, outings and various events
  • They take the children to school and then fetch them after
  • They help take the children to the beach, game reserve, hotels etc

The real question is: Which au pair are you?!

If you are just starting out in life or have decided to take a career shift, then we wish you all the best in your journey in discovering what type of au pair you would like to be. Remember to conduct your own au pair agency reference checks and know what you are legally entitled to as an au pair.

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