What is an Au Pair Training Manual

Au Pair Training Manual

What does this mean?

An Au Pair Training manual is a manual/book or set of guidelines typically given to an au pair or individual who expresses interest in working with and increasing their knowledge on children. This manual can be used by an au pair, mom or nanny.

Where do I get an Au Pair Training Manual?

You can obtain an Au Pair Training Manual from companies (That Sassy Life Coach)/institutions/agencies that offer some form of child related courses such as: Online au pair training

At what age can I obtain an Au Pair Training Manual?

Typically, when doing any form of learning that is centered around helping children, one would need to be 18 years or older. The reason for this is that anyone younger than the stipulated age would need to focus on school, their grades and their exams in order to better “qualify” as an au pair, tutor or nanny.

Can Mothers receive an Au Pair Training Manual?

Of course if you are a mother, this would assist you on finding better, healthier ways in getting your children to eat, handle conflict and how to identify bullying or any forms of abuse (physical, sexual, emotional and mental abuse). These topics are also covered in our Online Au Pair Training

How do I get an Au Pair Training Manual?

In order to obtain an au pair training manual, you would need to do one of two things:

  1. You would have to attend au pair training in person or….
  2. Purchase the online au pair training version and receive the manual/course contents (Have a look at our training page for more information). Our course is highly rated and has seen many individuals excel

The ins and outs of an Au Pair Training Manual and the process:

An au pair training manual is:

  • Either sent to you via email or whatsapp – it may take a few days for you to receive your guidelines (this may not bother most people but it can slow down your learning process as well as the time it would take for you to receive your certificate)
  • Is the same price as au pair training (so you don’t have to attend the training)
  • Is a new trend at the moment
  • Helps you better understand children
  • Is usually priced between R450 to R750 (this is quite expensive)

An au pair training manual doesn’t:

  • Allow you to engage in content from the internet such as videos as you need to print it the manual – we offer videos and other forms of content to engage with with our online au pair training
  • Videos are important because they give you a different perspective on life
  • Is a waste of paper (which is why we created our online course) – get more involved in saving paper this 2020!
  • Give you the ability to engage on a student platform and to have direct contact with That Sassy Life Coach’s Training Team

What are some of the things that are covered in an Au Pair Training Manual?

Whether you purchase the au pair training manual, attend au pair training or purchase the online version of the course, the content that is covered is still the same, it just depends who you decide to train through.

For example you would learn the following in all types of training:

  • How to Gain Experience and Where to Find a Job
  • Overtime and Babysitting
  • How to Deal with the Domestic Worker
  • How to set the table
  • How to find a job
  • How to Write a Cover Letter and CV
  • What to do at the Interview

Au Pair Training Manual VS our Online Au Pair Training

With That Sassy Life Coach online au pair training, you will receive and be able to:

  • Consume video content (this aids your learning as an au pair training manual, whilst beneficial and would still help you, doesn’t allow for you to engage in a variety of content, such as but not limited to videos, PDF documents, Awards and much much more
  • Our online au pair training allows you to save paper (with an au pair training manual, you are expected to print your manual) This of course can be expensive whether you have your own printer at home or visiting your closest Postnet. It also uses up a lot of paper. Let’s save paper in this brand new decade
  • Our course contents and notes can be viewed on your cellphone, ipad or computer (this can be done on the go, regardless of your location and financial situation)
  • We cover a variety of different topics (some agencies don’t offer the same academic content that we do)

Some of the topics we cover that many companies don’t focus on is the following: (WE OF COURSE FOCUS ON THE BELOW TOPICS AND MORE…

  • How to engage with children
  • How to manage a difficult boss
  • How to manage stress
  • How to teach a child emotions
  • Activities to do during the school holidays etc..
  • How to manage stress as an au pair or nanny
  • How to get respect from a child in your care

Have a look at our training page for a unique childcare related course to better improve your understanding of children and further your CV today

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