What Au Pair Qualifications Should I Consider?

Have you just Matriculated or have you decided to venture out into au pairing as a career shift? Whatever the reason, it is important for you to conduct thorough research on what au pair qualifications you would need to consider, regardless if you have previous childcare experience or not, as this will make you a more desirable candidate.

Deciding whether or not to become an Au Pair is one thing, but have you considered that there is a possibility that you are not qualified enough or have the relevant au pair experience needed? Nowadays with everyone having similar levels of experience and au pair qualifications, it makes it difficult for you to stand out as an Au Pair which begs the question: What au pair qualifications can I obtain to make myself a more attractive candidate?

Au Pair Qualification Selection

As an au pair, there are a variety of au pair qualifications that you can complete which will enable you to understand, care for, guide and the children that are going to be in your care.

You can consider the following Au Pair qualifications:

  • You can complete a First Aid Course (Which is offered by many Au Pair agencies and other institutions such as: Pulse Point or St Johns.)
  • You can complete an alternative course to au pair training (this course is different to au pair training  which is the reason it has made many candidates standout but it is important to note that it does practice the same childcare principles as au pair training- this course can be completed online for your convenience or in person in small groups)
  • You can complete an au pair training course
  • You can complete a CPR course
  • You can qualify as a Child Life Coach
  • You can complete a short course in child psychology (this is a course that can be completed online)

Regardless which au pair qualification you decide to go with, you need to ensure it is the best fit for you, your CV and your financial situation. Try writing up a pros and cons list of the various au pair qualifications you are interested in and take matters from there.

How much do Au Pair Qualifications cost?

All au pair qualifications vary in price due to the qualification itself, how popular the course is and which institution you elect to train through.

Au Pair Qualifications range between R700 – R1500 and this, you pay once off and have the qualification for life.

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