What are the differences between Au Pairs, Governesses & Tutors

What are the differences between Au Pairs, Governesses & Tutors?

As someone who is interested in embarking on a new journey in childcare, it is important for you to have an understanding of each childcare position. Let’s answer the following question for you: What are the differences between Au Pairs, Governesses & Tutors?

What is an Au Pair?

An au pair is someone who fetches, looks after, and assists a child or children in completing homework, projects, and study for exams. This is also someone who guides, supports, and loves your child to the best of their ability. An Au Pair is usually between the ages 0f 18 to 30 and it is typically a female

In the general sense, an Au Pair is someone who:

  • Generally has a Matric qualification
  • Is generally between the ages of 20 to 30
  • Has completed a first aid course
  • Is sometimes is studying towards a Degree/Diploma
  • Sometimes has teaching experience
  • Has a teaching degree (but this isn’t very common)
  • Has a valid drivers license
  • Has their own roadworthy vehicle
  • Works Monday – Friday and sometimes on the weekend if the family requires
  • looks after children in the home
  • Fetches the children from school
  • Takes the children to any sports or extra activities
  • Takes the children to any doctors, dentist, or hairdresser appointments
  • Runs errands like grocery shopping
  • Does not do any domestic duties

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Now that we have answered the first part of our question: What are the differences between Au Pairs, Governesses & Tutors – we can move onto the definition of a Governess

What is a Governess?

This is a super experienced childcare professional.

A Governess is someone who:

  • Generally has a Matric qualification
  • Has completed a first aid course
  • Usually has a minimum of 5 years au pairing experience
  • generally stays with a family for 2 to 5 years
  • Has experience with working with babies, toddlers, and children
  • Is generally between the ages of 30 to 50
  • Available 24/7 as and when the family needs them
  • sometimes lives-in the house with the family either in a cottage or her own room with a bathroom (not in the same room as the children)
  • Works Monday to Saturday, sometimes even Sundays

What is a Tutor?

A Tutor is different from an Au Pair and Governess. A tutor is someone who merely assists with teaching, exam, and study preparation

A Tutor is someone who:

  • Is there to assist with homework and other school projects
  • Helps children study for tests and exams
  • Provides additional academic support to the children where needed
  • Usually works Mon-Friday starting from 16:00 each day
  • Doesn’t fetch the children from school
  • Doesn’t bath or feed the children
  • Doesn’t discipline the children

What is a Nanny?

Whilst a Nanny does cook meals for the family, it is very different from au pairing duties. Nanny duties comprise primarily of cooking and cleaning duties as well as some form of childcare tasks/duties

In South Africa, a Nanny is someone who:

  • Is someone who can live in your home as well as stay in their own accommodation
  • Looks after your children when you aren’t there
  • Doesn’t fetch your children from school
  • Doesn’t take your children to any appointments, school functions, playdates, or outings
  • Sometimes cooks dinner for the family
  • Makes the children lunch and snacks
  • Makes the children’s school lunch
  • Performs domestic duties (cleaning, ironing, washing, the making of beds, washing of dishes, and more)

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