Tips for your interview

Job interviews

Starting a new position at a company can always be daunting especially with all the pressure, added nerves and of course the new environment. See our hints and tips on how to make this process a less stressful experience.

Step one: Prepare for your interview

  1. When applying for a position or getting called in for an interview be sure to always research the company. This shows the company that you are in tune with their strategies, their ethics, what they are about and what products and services they offer
  2. Ensure that your CV is up to date – you don’t want to miss an opportunity because you didn’t include all of your work experience and skills
  3. You need to research the position you are applying for – ensure that you can handle the responsibilities and duties that come with the position as well as meeting the requirements for the position (you don’t want to ruin your reputation by messing a company around)
  4. Always remain calm – nerves can get the better of you. Just be yourself
  5. Think of any questions you may have for your interview (asking questions is perfectly acceptable. It isn’t just limited to the interviewer. Asking questions shows that you have taken the time to think about the company and shows how prepared you are.

Step two: When at your interview

  1. Again, be sure to remain calm
  2. Be respectful. Say please, thank you and allow them to walk through the door/room first (it is just polite)
  3. Allow your interviewer to ask questions first (don’t lead the conversation. Just go with the flow)
  4. Do not, at any point interrupt the person asking you questions about your experience (this is just respectful behavior. Remember, first impressions always count)
  5. Go into detail about your experience. This helps the company better understand you
  6. Don’t be shy to talk about your skills. Confidence here is key. If you are amazing at something, such as communication or running a team, say so. It isn’t being vain, it is showing strength, courage, confidence and that you are in tune with yourself
  7. Be open about your weaknesses
  8. Never lie about your qualifications. This will damage your reputation and may get you into serious trouble
  9. Don’t bring up the salary first (they may have a higher salary number in mind and you may come in with a lesser number, putting yourself at a disadvantage

Step three: After your interview

  1. Thank the person for their time
  2. Thank them for the opportunity and that you look forward to hearing back from them

I hope this has helped you in some way, shape or form. Preparing for interviews is absolutely imperative and applying these 3, simple steps, it could assist you in getting your dream opportunity.

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