Tiny Tots On The Move

Learning To Stand:

It’s a major milestone when baby learns to pull its up into a standing position. It’s hard work but very rewarding.

Standing is important because it:

  • Strengthens baby’s muscles (including baby’s feet, leg, hip, back, tummy and arm muscles)
  • Gets baby to control and co-ordinate it’s movements
  • Lets baby experience weight on his feet
  • Helps develop his balance, as he shifts his weight from foot to foot
  • Motivates baby to get walking

Although walking is both exciting for mom and dad and baby, it can also be a very dangerous time too – when those tiny legs get going, sometimes it is difficult to keep up. Ensure your child is in a safe and secure, harm-free environment.

Make sure that you:

  • Remove table cloths
  • Cover up electrical plugs and cables
  • Lock up cleaning supplies

Playful Ideas To Get Baby To Walk:

  • Hold baby in a standing position on your lap. Then bounce your legs up and down. This will strengthen his leg muscles.
  • Show baby how to bend his knees. This helps him stand up and sit back down again.
  • Sit on the floor and let baby use you as a jungle gym. He can hold onto you to pull himself up.
  • Put toys on a chair that is as high as baby’s chest. Make sure the chair won’t fall over. Encourage baby to pull himself up to get the toys.
  • When you dress baby, let him stand holding onto a chair.
  • Put some sensory items onto a low table. Let baby stand against the table and explore the textures.

Safety note:

Avoid using a walking ring. These aren’t good for baby’s development, as the ring holds baby up so he doesn’t have to carry his own weight. So baby will be slower to learn to stand and walk on his own.]]>