Time For A Tap Out with That Sassy Life Coach

What Is A Tap Out?

A Tap out is when you disconnect from the world around you and reconnect with yourself – to become more self-aware and to focus on the things that we need and that are of great importance – such as family, our health and our goals ahead.

How does one Tap Out?

Being able to tap out isn’t as easy as it sounds. If you for a second think that tapping out doesn’t involve putting your phone down or disconnecting from Instagram and Facebook, you are mistaken. A Tap out is usually 2 – 3 days long whereby you disconnect from social media all together and kick back and relax. Aimlessly scrolling through a news feed isn’t beneficial and adds little to no value to your life.

During this time, it is important to reflect on the past week or even the past couple of months and to take this opportunity to re-access your goals and to gain some clarity for the weeks ahead. It’s in with the good and out with the bad.

How To Achieve The Best Results During A Tap Out:

Not only is it important to tap out from society as a whole, but it is important to refuel our bodies.

One can achieve balance during our “Tap out Session” by doing the following:

  • Catching up on much needed sleep (don’t over do it though. You need to get up and get active).
  • Exercising on the daily (one doesn’t need to go over the top here and be an out of control fitness bunny – but a good 30 minute workout never killed anybody)
  • Ensuring you maintain a well-balanced diet (This can include your favourite snacks and treats – just remember, everything in moderation). Ensure your diet includes: Lots of fruit and veg, Low GI Carbohydrates and loads of water.
  • Meditation is a great way to detox the body and mind and to reconnect with one’s soul. Focus on your breathing, keep your mind clear and ensure you are in a clean, decluttered area.
  • Surround yourself with those who really matter, remember, you are the company that you keep.
  • Ensure there are little to no distractions around you – get out into nature and explore. Breath in that fresh air and Enjoy!