Three Things Guys Don’t Like

I have been asked what men don’t like and often as women we think the answer is simple: that there are many things they don’t like. But in fact, there are only a few select things that actually drive men crazy and it’s not in the good way. But why do we do these things as women?

We act out, get angry, frustrated, sad, jealous, insecure and sometimes we tend to take that out on our partner. Is it fair? No. Do we think they deserve it? Well, maybe sometimes but be sure to keep this to a minimum ladies (I’d say it’s situational dependent. Kidding) My point is, is that it is okay to feel these things. After all, we are only human and when shit gets tough, it gets too real for us sometimes and we tend to have a wobble in life.

Here are the top three things that can help you better understand your man and hopefully, by considering these things and practicing them in your personal capacity, you start to see a difference in your relationship.

3 things that guys don’t like

  1. Clingy – This is a major no no in a man’s book. Women who are clingy will never get the right attention from a man. What I mean by the ‘right’ attention is that men like a woman who is stable, can stand on her own two feet and doesn’t act like a leach. Ladies, this isn’t attractive and to put it bluntly, it makes you look desperate. Hanging all over your man throughout the night doesn’t do anything but cause problems in your relationship. Want to spice things up and have a true sexual connection? Allow for a little physical distance throughout the night. It’ll drive him bananas for you
  2. Insecure – Ladies, I know this isn’t always easy to control but having insecurities can drive a wedge between couples. Whilst insecurities are something us women are used to in our lives, men don’t often share the same understanding or sympathy towards this idea of imperfection. If there are a few things that are concerning you or are making you act out rather discuss all of them at once in one sitting as appose to discussing the topic over and over (This too drives a man ballistic)
  3. Nagging – Every woman’s favorite thing to hear. “Stop nagging me”. Ladies, there is a fine line between reminding and nagging. Nagging is asking the same thing over and over again, in a short span of time, regardless if there has already has been answer to your request. To ensure you don’t get labeled as a nagger, be sure to communicate effectively with your partner to establish boundaries

To warp things up, take the above thoughts into consideration because a small change, can make a big difference

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