The cost of Au Pair Training vs Our Online Course for Au Pairs

What is Au Pair Training?

In simple terms, au pair training is a course that can be completed online or in person. This type of au pair course is centered around improving your knowledge and understanding of children in order to be a better parent or a fantastic au pair looking for a job.

Completing an Au Pair course is absolutely imperative if you want to work with children, regardless of their age and yours.

What are the benefits of Au Pair Training?

Completing au pair training bosts many benefits. However, completing ONLINE au pair training is far better for you and your finances.

By completing online au pair training, you will experience the following benefits:

  • Being able to study from home or wherever you are
  • You will be able to earn more money as you are more qualified
  • You will be able to work with children
  • You will save money on transport costs
  • You will protect yourself from getting sick
  • You won’t miss a word the lecturer says as everything is completed Online

That Sassy Life Coach Childcare Courses

At That Sassy Life Coach, we understand the importance of gaining an education at a fraction of the cost which is why we have created and introduced our online childcare courses. We offer a variety of courses for you to choose from, depending on the line of work you would like to go into

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That Sassy Life Coach Au Pair Training

We provide au pairs, moms, and nannies with an opportunity to join our highly rated Online Au Pair Training Course. Holding a 5-star rating and supported by the Au Pairing community, we are proud to train candidates through us.

Some of the things you will learn in our online au pair training:

  • Learn the difference between an Au Pair, Governess, Nanny and Tutor
  • How to manage your interview
  • Where to gain experience
  • Understanding Au Pair Contracts
  • Understanding Medical Leave
  • Understanding Au Pair Life
  • Au Pair’s First Day
  • How to settle into a new job
  • How to manage an angry child
  • Understanding Family dynamics
  • Basic first aid
  • Homework and learning styles
  • Abuse and how to spot it
  • How to manage a child that is being bullied
  • How to manage difficult parents
  • The do’s and don’t’s of an au pair
  • Free activities
  • Free meal plan ideas
  • How to manage a boss that doesn’t pay you and much much more

You can either view the au pair course here or all of our courses here

Au Pair Training Time

Our Au Pair Training course takes less than a morning to complete. The course is between 5-6 hours long and thereafter, you will be required to take an au pair exam

Do you offer Certificates in your Online Au Pair Training?

Yes. Each time you complete an au pair course (or any course) through us, you will automatically receive your course certificate in your student portal.

Our Online Au Pair Training certificates are automatically generated through our student portal. Giving you 100% accurate information when graduating with us. Simply login into your student portal on our website, download, print or share your certificate. The choice is up to you!

Does your Online Au Pair Training come with course material?

Yes. Each au pair course that we have created, comes with course material/student notes for you to use. Our course material has been professionally designed and created to make your learning easier. Refer back to your notes at any time.

Are your Au Pair Course Certificates recognised?

Yes. Are course certificates are recognised. We have had people from many different companies purchase our courses. These countries include Hong Kong, Australia, South Africa, United Kingdom, and the USA. Each country reaping the rewards

Considering Training in person?

Are you considering doing Au Pair Training? Well, that’s fantastic! It is a great course to do and has proven to be highly successful, however, have you stopped to think about the possible hidden costs?

The Cost of Au Pair Training in person

The average au pair agency charges between R500 – R1000 per person per au pair training. These training sessions are between 6-8 hours long and you are awarded a certificate after completing the course. This can be quite expensive considering there are additional costs added on. These costs are over and above the au pair training you receive in person. These costs include petrol, food and public transport. We do discuss this in more detail further down the page.

Hidden Costs:

First hidden Cost with au pair training:

  • In order to complete au pair training, you would need to organise money for transportation costs for those who don’t have a car (this can usually tally up to R200 there and back from the au pair training depending on where you live) This means at this point, together with the cost of the au pair training, you probably would have spent about R1200 in total.

Alternatively, if you have opted to go with an au pair agency that offers au pair training at a price of R500-R600 for in-person training, whilst it is cheaper than the more expensive au pair trainings offered, you would still spend between R700 and R800 just getting to and from the au pair training – this isn’t always a financial option for individuals starting out in childcare such as au pairs, nannies, domestics and home school teachers

Second hidden Cost with au pair training:

  • If you are fortunate enough to have your own vehicle, you will put mileage on your car as well as cause wear and tear on your tires as you have to drive to the venue

Third hidden Cost with au pair training:

  • You have to consider the cost of petrol – some au pairs have to use a significant amount of money on petrol driving to the course (this isn’t always a financial option for some as au pairs tend to be young individuals just starting out in their careers and don’t have much disposable income)
  • If you aren’t lucky enough to have a car, then you would need to opt for making use of public transport. This can be an Uber, Taxi, Bus or Train. Either way, you would be spending an additional R150 – R250 just on transport costs alone

Our online Au Pair Training for Au Pairs, Nannies and Moms

Our au pair training course has been designed to meet the needs of au pairs and the ever-increasing demand for convenience and something different in the Market Place. Our training course is done from a life coaches perspective and is an alternative to au pair training offering up the same childcare principals as well as various information on how to deal with angry outbursts, bullying, abuse, employers who don’t pay you, how and when to ask for a raise and much much more.

Our costs:

  • We understand, as an au pair or nanny, that times can be tough financially which is why, at the end of each month, we run specials between R200 and R250 off our training. Watch our Training page or Facebook Page for your special coupon code to redeem your online au pair training voucher (Terms and Conditions apply)

What you will receive:

  • A certificate of completion
  • A FREE exercise book
  • A full PDF version of the course material
  • A student summary pack of the course material (This makes it easier for you to learn)

What you won’t need

  • We don’t need you to have a drivers license
  • We don’t need you to have a car
  • We don’t need you to drive to us

What you will need to complete our training:

  • You will need Data or WIFI to complete your Online au pair training (or you can approach a coffee shop, buy a juice or coke and complete your training by using their free wifi!)
  • You will need a cellphone, tablet, iPad or computer to complete our online au pair training course
  • You will need a comfy spot (as the training can be completed wherever YOU want – it is pure convenience at your fingertips)

Regardless of which Au Pair training you decide to enroll in, it is important to remember that both are equally as beneficial and highly recommended. But I suppose the real question is: Do you want to be a sheep and follow the crowd? or do you want to be an attractive candidate, with a unique CV that looks so good, it’s hard to say no to!?

Click here to view images of our course

Agencies that offer in-person Training

If you would like to be trained in person as opposed to online then the following au pair agencies offer au pair training:

*Please remember to access all of your options before selecting an au pair agency

  • Tip Top au pairs
  • Au Pair Extraordinaire
  • Exceptional Au Pairs
  • Professional Placements
  • That Sassy Life Coach
  • Little Sunshines au pair agency

Train Online

The following companies offer Online Au Pair Training. Please remember to select the training that best suits you, your needs, and your finances.

  • That Sassy Life Coach offers online au pair training and it has been rated the best in the industry
  • Little sunshines au pair training
  • Edubabe

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Get Your

FREE Au Pair Handbook


Download this Au Pair Handbook to double, or even triple your chances of being hired, and know how to manage your interview

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