The cost of Au Pair Training vs Our Online Course for Au Pairs

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Are you considering doing Au Pair Training? Well that’s fantastic! It is a great course to do and has proven to be highly successful, however, have you stopped to think about the possible hidden costs?

The Cost of Au Pair Training

The average au pair agency charges R1000 per person per au pair training. These training sessions are between 6-8 hours long and you are awarded a certificate after completing the course.

Hidden Costs:

First hidden Cost:

  • In order to complete au pair training, you would need to organise money for transportation costs for those who don’t have a car (this can usually tally up to R100 there and back from the au pair training depending on where you live) This means at this point, together with the cost of the au pair training, you probably would have spent about R1100 in total.

Second hidden Cost:

  • If you are fortunate enough to have your own vehicle, you will put millage on your car as well as cause wear and tear on your tyres as you have to drive to the venue

Third hidden Cost:

  • You have to consider the cost of petrol – some au pairs have to use a significant amount of money on petrol driving to the course (this isn’t always a financial option for some as au pairs tend to be young individuals just starting out in their careers and don’t have much disposable income)

Our online Life Coach training for Au Pairs, Nannies and Moms

Our Life Coaching course has been designed to meet the needs of au pairs and the ever increasing demand for convenience and something different in the Market Place. Our Life Coach training course is an alternative to au pair training offering up the same childcare principals as well as various information on how to deal with angry outbursts, bullying, abuse, employers who don’t pay you, how and when to ask for a raise and much much more.

Our costs:

  • We understand, as an au pair or nanny, that times can be tough financially which is why, at the end of each month, we run specials between R200 and R250 off our training. Our au pair training is usually R995.  Watch our Training page or Facebook Page for your special coupon code to redeem your online au pair training voucher (Terms and Conditions apply)

What you will receive:

  • A certificate of completion
  • A FREE exercise book
  • A full PDF version of the course material
  • A student summary pack of the course material (This makes it easier for you to learn)

What you won’t need

  • We don’t need you to have a drivers license
  • We don’t need you to have a car
  • We don’t need you to drive to us

What you will need to complete our training:

  • You will need Data or WIFI to complete your au pair training (or you can approach a coffee shop, buy a juice or coke and complete your training by using their free wifi!)
  • You will need a cellphone, tablet, ipad or computer to complete our online au pair training course
  • You will need a comfy spot (as the training can be completed wherever YOU want – it is pure convenience at your finger tips)

Regardless of which Au Pair training you decide to enrol in, it is important to remember that both are equally as beneficial and highly recommended. But I suppose the real question is: Do you want to be a sheep and follow the crowd? or do you want to be an attractive candidate, with a unique CV that looks so good, it’s hard to say no to!?

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