The Au Pair Challenge

What is the Au Pair Challenge all about?

The Au Pair Challenge is just that. It is a challenge and a chance for you to gain more love and respect from a child, that is in your care, by engaging in unique childcare content to make yourself a more attractive candidate/parent and role model. AND! On the plus side, it’s all FREE

Is the Au Pair Challenge only for Au Pairs?

No, of course not. We want to reach as many people as possible to ensure that children get the attention, education and care that they deserve

What do I get out of this challenge?

As mentioned earlier, this challenge is free and you will..

  • Have simple go-to activities to do with your toddler or preschooler anytime, anywhere.
  •  Create lasting memories while saving your time on planning them. (This is perfect for all busy moms and au pairs! This helps you save time)
  •  Notice a better attitude in your home when you spend time with your child during the challenge.

The benefits of doing this challenge as an au pair:

If you are an au pair and decide to take part in this FREE challenge to receive FREE activities and goodies for children, then you will be:

  • Making yourself a more attractive candidate
  • Impress your future employees by always being prepared with cool, fun activities for their children to do
  • Will save you time as an au pair or mom juggling children, meal prep and more

So, the real question is: are you ready to standout and take this incredible opportunity to see what dream jobs you can unlock?

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