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To start your application process, please kindly read the information below, fill-out the application and pay the registration fee. If you don't pay the registration fee, we will not put together your profile. The fee covers your training and creation of your profile. To apply to work for us, please click "apply"


As a Referral Agent for That Sassy Life Coach we require the following from you:

referral agent

Online Au Pair Training

Advertise our Online Au Pair Training (The best training in the industry)


Advertise our Online Au Pair Training on Facebook
Share our posts directly from our Facebook Page
You need to post a minimum of 5 posts per day
You need to share our posts in various Facebook groups

Working Hours

Work Monday - Friday


Please read the information below


R240 per sale
  • Our Online Au Pair Training sells for R600
  • We pay YOU R240 for every sale you make for us
  • Earn up to R5000 per month
  • Get your own special link to paste into Facebook and to refer people to
  • Target: Sell 5 trainings in one month & you will be promoted to being paid R390 per sale
  • Registration Fee: R99 - You get Referral Agent training from us

Money Level

We will pay YOU R240 for every sale YOU make for us!

Earn in cash

Each month we will pay you out in cash. You will be required to meet That Sassy Life Coach

Attend a meeting once a month

Each month you need to attend a meeting. Each meeting is 30 - 45 min long

Meeting Location

We have two offices that are situated in Johannesburg. We have offices in both Northcliff and Parkhurst. Each month that we host a meeting, we will notify you of which office we would like you to come to


Please read the below instructions



Share our posts, you make money off should you make a sale


Get paid in cash every month. Be sure you understand how much you will earn off of each sale


At That Sassy Life Coach we pride ourselves on having the best reputation. As a Referral Agent we expect you to respect our company name and not engage in the following types of behavior:


Hate Speech

We do not approve of any types of hate speech regardless if someone has a negative thing to say about you or our brand. Please remain professional

Inappropriate Content

You are not allowed to post in any groups that promote Child pornography, child and animal abuse and or groups that entertain racism


At That Sassy Life Coach we have a strict policy when it comes to post sharing, payouts and more. Please note that our terms and conditions are subject to change



If you don't post a minimum of 5 posts a day, we will not consider you for future employment as this shows us you aren't that serious. You will be put on our "No Hire" list

If you discriminate, display hate speech or put our company name in disrepute, we will take to Facebook and inform the public that you no longer represent our Company

Breach of Agreement

A breach of agreement will automatically result in your employment opportunity with That Sassy Life Coach, being terminated.

Should an event arise whereby you are in breach, any money that you have made will be considered the property of That Sassy Life Coach and will be taken as a penalty

Jodi Smith

"I joined That Sassy Life Coach as a referral agent and I couldn't believe how quickly I made money. It was crazy but I am so grateful"

Hayleigh Menton

"I am so grateful for companies like this. I have started my 2020 off on the right note: making money, being independent and a badass woman"

Kim Paddington

"Thank you for this awesome chance to work with you. At first I was skeptical but I couldn't be happier with the decision I made to work with you. All the money I earn with you, is my fun spending money every month. My day-to-day salary pays for my expenses and I am loving it. I even work for you and share posts whilst at my full time job. It is really awesome"

Lily Wilde

"I love the deal That Sassy Life Coach has to offer. I earned R390 per sale and at the end of it, I made R5850 in just one month. This really helped me as a student."

Anna Maria Tenter

"WHAAAAAAAAATTTT! I just got paid out R3000. Thank you so much!!!!"

Bonni Van der merwe

"Fantastic Company. Fantastic Owner and a Fantastic opportunity.... Thank you very much"

Claire Dabblefee

"Love love love this company! Everything is so easy, fun and I love the team meetings"

Emma Van der Merwe


Emma Van der Merwe


Dan Dukes

"Thank you for this awesome opportunity."

Sarah Green

"That Sassy Life Coach is the best to work with. I love the teams vibe and energy! I've made awesome new friends and I get paid!"

Lisa Walters

"I am au pairing and working for That Sassy Life Coach and it is super easy and fun. Plus advertising their Online Au Pair Training is super quick and fast money to make!"

Alex Hilder

"Lovely opportunity"

Janet Williams

"That Sassy Life Coach is so kind, understanding and willing to listen at any point! Best company to work with"

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