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Are you struggling to find a job? Well, it may be because you don’t have the correct CV layout and it may be lacking a few professional aspects. At That Sassy Life Coach we have given people the option to purchase easy to read and easy to edit CV Templates to make your life easier when applying for that dream job. Please note that we sell these templates as a package. 

The price of our CV Template package:

As mentioned above, we sell five CV Templates together. Our CV template package costs R250 for five CV’s – see our page for the special price

What format are the CV’s in?

Our CV templates are easy to use and have been designed in a Word Document making it easier for you to edit and fill-in your personal details. Simply open the CV template and double click on each field (Places to put your information), save and then print or email to your future employer!

What is included in the CV Templates?

  • A place to put your name and surname
  • A Place to put your address and city
  • You can put your contact number
  • You can edit the email address section
  • Some CV’s have a small place to write something about yourself
  • You can put the schools and universities you attended
  • You can discuss your skills
  • You can put in your work experience
  • You can discuss your awards and achievements

Who has purchased our CV templates?

The following people have found our CV’s to be extremely beneficial:

  • Au pairs looking to apply for positions at au pair agencies
  • Individuals looking to apply for a job outside of au pairing
  • Tutors looking for work
  • Nannies looking for employment
  • Childminders who need to improve their CV
  • Teachers looking to apply for new positions
  • School Facilitators
  • Sport Teachers
  • Play therapists looking to apply for work at schools
  • Teachers assistants
  • Aftercare Teachers
  • Home school Teachers
  • University lecturers

How do I purchase the three CV templates?

Please kindly see our CV Template page for more information on this

How long will it take for me to receive my CV templates after I have paid?

At That Sassy Life Coach our turnaround is very impressive which is why we are one of the best companies in the market. It will take 24 hours for you to receive your templates provided that we have received the funds as well as your proof of payment.

How do I edit the CV templates?

Our CV Templates have been created in a Word Document format. Simply open the templates and double click on each field to input your details. For example: where it says name, double click and type your name. Where is says email address, type your email address

Have you already purchased our CV Templates?

Then at That Sassy Life Coach we recommend you complete one of the following courses: Online Au Pair Training and our Au Pair Cooking Class

What is Au Pair Training?

Are you wanting to find out more information on “au pair training”? No problem, simply head on over to our special blog post page and you will find all the answers you need

To find out more information on the cost of au pair training, please head on over to our au pair training section

Our CV Template testimonials:

Shikana Naidoo:  I am a mom of 2 children who has been struggling to find a job until I came across That Sassy Life Coach. Their CV templates were amazing, professional and easy to edit and use! As a result, I managed to find employment within 2 weeks of purchasing the templates

Sarah Green: Wow! Such amazing CV templates

Anna Maria Corgan: Thank you That Sassy Life Coach for the wonderful templates – AND! I got them at a fantastic price

Jessie Smith: Awesome professionally designed CV’s

Paula Lamentine: Thank you Cassie for an awesome product!

Gloria Pritchard: That Sassy Life Coach does it again! Awesome templates & fantastic Online Au Pair Training

Claire Tucker: Professionally designed CV’s at a bargain of the price

Hayley Richards: Love the CV layouts

Bianca Gnodde: Best CV templates ever – I feel more confident as a candidate

Jordan Williams: I purchased the CV package and within a week I was asked for an interview at an au pair agency. Well worth the money

Daniella Portella: Definitely worth the money. Do yourself a favor and purchase this outstanding product today

Emma Williams: Best CV’s ever Lucy Smith: This is my favourite company. Awesome specials and awesome products

Corrina Patterson: Thank you Cass for the amazing price

Glordia Xhosa: Thank you so much for the CV Templates. Before I came across your CV’s, I was struggling to find a job. Now, I am employed full-time and have gained a lot of respect from my boss due to my professional CV Daniel Penney: Thank you for your incredible service and your wonderfully designed CV templates

Connor Mecentire: Fantastic Product and amazing service from That Sassy Life Coach

Helen Thornton: Best Price. Best Product. Best results

Mallory Dunfee: I am an au pair who bought this product and I found it was easy to use and professionally designed. It really opened my eyes to the fact that my CV Layout was incorrect and was therefore the thing that was slowing me down. I have a lot of experience with working with children and these CV Templates enabled me to express my work experience properly

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