That Sassy Life Coach

We Have A Variety of Life Coaching Sessions and Packages

The Standard Package

This a single coaching session

This Package is recommended to those who just need a reset every now and then and is recommended to children who are 9 years and older

In this session, your child and I will focus on how to juggle school, stress, sport and exams

I will construct a suitable and realistic  study time table with your child - based on their school report, disciple, sport commitments and capabilities.

This session is solely focuses on study skills and provides your child with stress management tools to cope with their year ahead

Cost: R450 per hour

The Oops Package

Your child shall receive 4 x 1 hour sessions 

Sessions will take place weekly for 1 month consecutively

In the first session, your child and I will get to know each other, discuss their grades, stress levels, relationships both at school and at home and access their image of themselves

During these sessions, I will put together a plan of action to guide your child in implementing structure and to overcome stress obstacles. I will also address any conflict your child may be going through and express different ways of how to effectively solve it in a productive and smart way

Thereafter, we will shift our focus to ensuring an increase in confidence levels, goal setting and implementation, learn how to effectively communicate as well as  motivational techniques to ensure your child stays on course

Your child will receive stress management tools and techniques, a study time table, a daily schedule to follow outside of exams and have access to me via telephone and email for any additional support or questions they may have

Cost: R1499 per month

The Online Package

Sessions take place over a 3 month period

Sessions will be conducted over Google Hangout

You will receive homework 

This is mainly targeted at international clients, however, this can be for someone in South Africa who simply doesn't have the time to have a face-to-face session

You have the choice of:

6 x 1 hour sessions with me per month


12 x 30 minute sessions with me per month

R1750 ($449) / month for 3 months