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What Is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is designed for individuals who truly desire to take their lives into new realms of thinking, find their purpose or transition through their next stage of life. 

Working with a life coach is like having a mentor, a sports coach and a personal trainer all in one and the choice to take on a life coach is probably the best gift you can give yourself in terms of self-development and to help you to realize your dreams.

As your life coach I have no agenda, but to see you succeed. You will not be judged on performance, but rather urged into action at the highest level you are willing to allow yourself to achieve.

The Standard Package


  • This is a single life coaching session.

  • This session will be centred around goal identification and implementation.

  • This package costs R450 per hour

The Oops Package


  • Your child shall receive 4 x 1 Hour coaching sessions that will take place weekly

  • One of the sessions will be about identifying the problem areas and acknowledging them and provide your child with the necessary tools and techniques they need in order to handle the situation effectively and correctly.

  • During the last session together, we will put together a plan of action to determine your way forward in life

  • This package costs R1500 for the month

Hiccups could include:

  • Bad test result.
  • Bullying.
  • Loss of a friendship.
  • Lack of motivation/passion.
  • Strained parent/child relationship.
  • Divorce.
  • Sibling Rivalry.
  • A negative mindset/outlook on life.

If your child is 9 Years old or younger, we may engage with your child through the use of Play.

The Online Package

This package is more aimed at our international clients. Needless to say, we still encourge any locals in and around South Africa to get intouch should they not be able to attend a session face-to-face.

  • This package is split into two types of sessions. (1) You can have 6 x 1 hour sessions with me or (2) you can have 12 x 30 minute sessions with me. 

  • This package is over a 3 month period

  • You will receive homework after every session

  • Sessions will be conducted over Google Hangout

  • This package costs R4500 for the 3 months

The Winner's Package

  • This includes a free 1 hour session

  • Goal identification

  • This package is split into two types of sessions. (1) 1 hour sessions per week for 24 weeks or (2) you can have 2 sessions per week for 30 minutes each

  • You will have 100% access to me via Whatsapp, Phone Call, Google Hangout and Email

  • You will receive homework every week

  • Sessions are conducted in the comfort of your own home

  • Should you select this package for your child, then I will sit with your child, identify strengths and weaknesses per subject and thereafter, we will compile an exam timetable 

  • You will receive a free manual which serves as a go to guide when you aren't engaging in sessions with me anymore and you simply cannot get a hold of me

  • This package costs R6500