Online Au Pair Training: Know what to look out for

At That Sassy Life Coach, we were one of the first to implement a more convenient way to be trained as an au pair, nanny or childminder – online and in the comfort of your own home with our version of online au pair training

Our digital team has worked hard in creating a user friendly experience for students looking for something different – online au pair training

The aim behind this online au pair training course is to be unique and to stand out as a candidate as appose to doing a course through an Au Pair Agency and following the crowd. Leaving you more at risk of not being employed due to the fact that most au pairs have the same qualifications from the same institutions and struggle to stand out

Our online au pair training course is an alternative course to au pair training as it has been created by a qualified life child coach specializing in child anxiety and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

How to lookout for safe Online Au Pair Training:

Nowadays it is becoming increasingly difficult to protect our information and as well as protecting the content we browse

To ensure that you have the best possible and safest experience, be sure to lookout for the following when searching any company’s online au pair training and visiting their website. Is their website safe?

Well…. what does this mean?

You want to opt with a website with a secure connection. When browsing a website or contemplating inputting your sensitive personal information, be sure to lookout for the lock in the search bar, ensuring that the lock is closed at all times.

Having an connection that isn’t secure opens the website up to a possible hack and therefore obtaining access to your information.

What to look out for before you opt with online au pair training:

  • Does the website look old? If so this is going to give you learning problems. Old looking websites tend to be slower and could therefore effect your learning experience with your online au pair training

How to identify an old website:

  • The website is slow and looks old fashioned – this doesn’t inspire confidence in the user as if the website is slow, you are more than likely to become frustrated and trust that brand less
  • Is there an overwhelming amount of information on the website? This, despite popular belief, frustrates the individual engaging with your website as it lacks direction and people won’t know where to click
  • Is the website mobile friendly? Meaning, when you view the website on your phone, do you find yourself constantly having to squint and zoom in over and over again? This is a clear sign that the agency nor the marketing company have worked on the website in quite sometime.
  • The website doesn’t have any new content such as videos, blog posts, keeping up with the latest social trends, academic issues, guidance and online support
  • Does the website link to multiple social media platforms? Such as: Facebook, Linked-in, Instagram and Pinterest? This is a great feature to have on your website as those visiting your website will be able to engage with more content beyond the website as well as create confidence in the consumer by showing them that you aren’t old fashioned and are able to adapt to the changing times of social media and the impact it is having
  • If you are a frequent visitor to a particular website, be sure to take note of whether or not the website has been improved (especially their online au pair training) over the years by making any changes to the website such as: changing the background and theme of their website, updating colors used on the website, if they have updated their logo, added more pictures to make content more consumable and if they blog frequently. – This is really important as it shows that the website owner/ digital marketing experts are keeping up with the times, latest trends and having crisp, clean websites showing and comforting people that the website is worth trusting as there is always movement on that website. – A new theme makes all the difference to a brand

How to decide which online au pair training is best suited for you:

Does the Online Au Pair Training:

  • Offer a progress bar to see how much of the content you have studied? This is a great thing to have as you are able to gauge how close you are to receiving your certificate
  • Does the online au pair training offer images of the au pair training to give you insight before you purchase the course? This is important as it creates trust in the customer buying the online course. In South Africa, it is difficult to sell courses online as so many times, people have been scammed time and time again, leaving the customer feeling insecure about shopping online – pictures of the training material, the student portal and how the training looks on different devices, is a great way to determine if the course is suited to you, your method of learning and aims at creating comfort in you by showing what your user experience would look like.
  • Does the online au pair training learning platform require you to register as a student with them?
  • Does the platform allow you to create your own user name and password or is one allocated to you? If so, be careful. Sharing your private information could put you at risk. Would you allow a bank to determine your password? Regardless where you are supplying your information, always be sure that you are in full control of your privacy settings, any profile, academic support platform etc.
  • Does the online au pair training offer a certificate at the end, video content, free exercise books, downloadable content in PDF format, and spaces for students to interact and ask questions online?
  • Does the online au pair training provide you with a student summary pack to make your learning easier at the end?
  • Does the online au pair training offer unlimited access to their student portal and allow you to review and download your invoice, review your billing details and student information that you initially inputted? This is important as it builds trust in customers by allowing them to see their information
  • Does the online au pair training cost the same as standard au pair training done in person? Be sure to do your research first. Standard au pair training that is completed in person is usually R1000. Any online training courses for au pairs that cost R800 or more, whilst still priced great, are around the same price range as if you were trained in person.

Are you hesitant about buying our online au pair training? Don’t stress! The following au pair agencies offer standard and in person training:

  • Domestic Angels (which is situated in Fourways)
  • That Sassy Life Coach (which is situated in Fourways)
  • Au Pair Extraordinaire (situated in Sandton)
  • Tip-Top Au Pair Agency (situated in Malanshof)
  • Carla’s Au Pair Agency (situated in Germiston)
  • Cultural Care Au Pair Agency(situated in Bryanston)
  • Little Sunshines 

Our course is highly recommended by our students and has seen a high pass rate of 1000 students completing our online au pair training

The above is of great paramount and with all the information we have supplied to you, we hope you can make a more educated decision

Please click here to book our course.

Thank you for believing in us!

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