My Top Sweet Treat Places In Jo’burg

Top Sweet and Treat Places in Johannesburg

For those of you who know me inside out, you’ll know that for me to say I have a slight sugar addiction, would be a serious understatement. See, from the time I could raise my hand to my mouth, I looked for every and any excuse to shovel nothing but sweet goodness into my mouth. 

Over the years, I have tried and tested many stunning restaurants to establish which are the sexiest and best bakery’s in Johannesburg and I have come up with the following:

Crumbs and Cream (Illovo)

If you are looking to indulge in the ultimate cheat day, then these scrumptious ice-cream sandwiches are the way to go. Have a choice of any flavoured ice-cream that is nestled between two, soft cookies, with a choice of your own spread and toppings. Think double choc-chip cookies squashing a filling of Oreo Monster ice cream, spread with dulche de leche and topped off with vanilla fudge (all for R48). Or churros sandwiching chocolate ice cream, spread with Nutella and topped with cinnamon-nuts (all for R50). You could also just go for an ice-cold granita – the strawberry-lemon flavour is entirely too hard to resist (R29).


Kream (Mall of Africa, Midrand)

The only dessert you simply must try is the Candy Crush; rainbow cheesecake, crushed candy canes, bubblegum ice cream, Gin & Tonic jelly (drool!), candy floss and candied popcorn. It’s all the stuff perfect Instagram pictures are made off! And… perhaps, diabetes. But hey! You only live once, have the dessert and kick back. You deserve it

The Whippet Coffee Cafe (Linden)

When The Whippet first showed their face on the Linden scene, it was the humble milk tart that had us coming back for more. It’s still a winner, but it now has stiff competition from The Whippet Cake: much care has been taken to create the perfect mouthful, balancing that milk tart base with lemony condensed milk and a biscuit crunch. Then there’s the crepe cake: layers and layers (and yet more layers) of pancakes, spread with vanilla and dark chocolate.

Sally Williams (Sandton)

This is a luxurious ice cream nook and all the products – except for coffee – contain the famous Sally Williams nougat, chocolate or Turkish Delight that is to die for. There are ten premium ice-cream flavours to choose from, ranging from rose with Turkish delight or honey-almond. Want something different? Pop into Sally Williams

With a skilled team of pastry chefs on hand, Château Gâteau Patisserie makes mouth watering goodies from traditional European recipes. Coupled with the different trends and multicultural influences, this little gem is the perfect fit for anyone. So if you’re craving something foreign but with a local twist, visit this patisserie today!

Chocoloza (44 Stanley)

Has negative energy taken over your life? Feel like you could use a little cheeky choccie? Well, pop into Chocoloza to be met by the chocolate master herself, Vicki Bain, who trained for 15 years in Belgium and uses only the best chocolate (Valrhona and Callebaut) in her creations. 

The Patisserie (Illovo)

The Patisserie has put a new spin on high tea in Johannesburg, and the locals of Illovo would most definitely agree. As the name suggests, freshly baked treats, pastries and cakes are a must to try over one of their delicious teas or a cup of coffee.

Pop in for breakfast and try out the scrambled eggs with smoked salmon – light, fluffy and perfect for those on a health kick. Lunch options vary from salads to sandwiches with daily specials making it even harder to choose. Finish it all up with a slice of their red velvet cake or a sweet Turkish delight and you’re bound to go back for more.

Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream (Rosebank)

Here everything is made with a real, rich, ice-cream custard. Enjoy flavours of chocolate, Oreo, Nutella, roast banana or matcha (one scoop is R25). The shop also offers other yummy treats like banana splits and ice-cream cookies, and loves serving sundaes on Sundays (R50).

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