My Must Have Skin and Makeup Products

Okay ladies, after much interest in which skincare products I use, I decided it was time to share my skincare secrets with you.

It’s official, I obsessed with my skin looking happy, healthy and full of life but this isn’t always possible due to economic and chemical factors. There’s no denying it, South Africa’s economy is at a rapid decline resulting in products, services and daily living essentials, increasing in cost which is why as consumers, we need to think and buy smart. Putting the financial factors to one side, it isn’t always easy finding good, healthy products that suit your skins daily needs which is why I feel I should share some of my favourite skin products with you.

My skincare Routine

First things first, I wash my face twice a day with the “Dove Beauty Cream Bar”. It is the first and last thing I do every day. I really stand behind this product as it accommodates my sensitive skin and doesn’t dry out my face after I have used it.

Once I have taken my makeup off, I like to apply an awesome little product called “Clear Start Breakout Clearing Booster” to help prevent any last minute nasty pimples. You can purchase yours at Urban Escape, Hobart.

Exfoliation and when you should do it

I like to exfoliate my face twice a week with a natural product from Lush called “Ocean Salt”. I usually scrub my face on a Tuesday and Friday, as it leaves my face feeling soft and looking fab. Remember, it isn’t a good idea to exfoliate more than three times a week as the skin doesn’t have enough time to repair itself. I also suggest using a face mask immediately after as it provides a soothing component for the skin as well as provides it with the necessary moisture it needs to generate a fresh new layer of skin.

Moisturise after you scrub and mask

I like to use a fab product called “Hemp” from The Body Shop. Apart from smelling great, it is a non-greasy cream that will leave your skin feeling softer than a babies bottom. Also, it isn’t too costly and you will only need to replace it every two months or so as you require a small dollop for each application.


My Favourite Foundation: Derma Fix BB Cream

I am very fussy when it comes to my makeup but in particular, my foundation. I like to try and avoid any thick, chunky looking concoctions that would leave my face feeling and looking oily. Instead, I was recommended “DermaFix” from Urban Escape, which is enriched with Vitamin E.

Long, Lush Lashes

Okay, this could be up for debate, in fact, I am almost certain I will be challenged on this one but I have found that the Maybelline Falsies Volume Express Mascara is definitely the way to go. It is fantastic as the individual bristles of the brush don’t stick together and it gives your lash the lift it deserves.

How I achieve my glow

I love, love, love this next product. It gives my face a subtle glittery glow when I’m in the spotlight (Literally) and when I am in the sun. I use NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator to brighten up my checks, the bridge of my nose and eyes after I have applied my foundation. This sexy little product will leave you feeling and looking more confident. Just remember that once you have applied this particular highlighter, you cannot apply foundation or concealer on top as it will leave a dark foundation patch.

It’s all about the eyes

For high quality, soft at the touch eyeshadow, pop into “Mina” and ask for my personal favourite, “501 The Metallic eyeshadow”

Dam guuurl them cheeks, them lips

Finally, to tie my look together, I popped down to “Miss Salon London” and bought myself the MSL HD Mineral Powder Blush – a light dab or two of this and you’ll be set to go. But don’t forget your lips – I use any soft natural pinky lip stick with a natural, brown town gloss

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