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At That Sassy Life Coach, we will address our most commonly asked questions related to our courses. Should you not find the answer relevant to your question, please email thatsassylifecoach@gmail.com

Au Pair Login Issues

1. How do I login to the Au Pair Academy? I am using the Computer

Answer: In the top right-hand side of our website you will see an option to login to the au pair academy. Click the login button and use the login details you created when paying

2. How do I login to the Au Pair Academy? I am using my phone

Answer: Go to our website and click the menu. The menu can be found on the top right-hand side of the website. Once the menu has opened, click the bottom link that says Au pair Academy Login

3. I can’t remember my password

Answer: If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it

4. I can’t remember my username

Answer: Your username is the email address you used to sign up. If you have forgotten it, please use your name to login. Alternatively, please email thatsassylifecoach@gmail.com 

Course Issues

1. How do I start my Online Course?

Answer: Please login to the Au Pair Academy using your email and password. Once you have logged in, please scroll down to the course section and click on the name of the course you want to start

2. Can I pause my course?

Answer: Yes you can. The portal will automatically save your progress when you logout

3. Can I do my course at any time?

Answer: Yes. Our courses do not expire

4. Can I enroll for more than one course at a time?

Answer: Yes. Many of our Au Pairs purchase our Au Pair Starter Pack

5. When do I receive my certificate?

Answer: Once you have completed the online training, you will be required to complete our Au Pair Exam. Our exam is simple, fun, and easy to do whilst still ensuring your knowledge is tested. After passing your exam, you will receive your certificate. Your certificate will be automatically generated

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