How we can motivate our children of today


Today’s topic: Let’s talk motivation.

Firstly, lets define what motivation is: a reason or reasons for behaving in a certain way.


People are motivated by two things:

  • Intrinsic rewards: is the good feeling you have when you have done a good job.
  • Extrinsic rewards: something that is given to you, by someone else, to represent recognition for great work. This can include increases, praises and promotions.

The Importance of Motivation:

Motivation can be found in our personal and professional lives and it is important to everyone. Motivation is the burning desire to achieve daily life, career and business goals. Motivation is the driving force behind results. As a leader, it allows you to meet and possibly exceed your own goals.

Look at it from a business point of view, without a motivated employees, your business would be in a very precarious position.

Motivation & Children:

Children are driven by the idea of succeeding and being motivated by their loved one – or at least improving slightly so that they can succeed. The more confident your child, the more likely they are to succeed in a specific task or area and they are more likely to enjoy the activity.

How To Help Your Child Find Their Motivation:

  • Help your child feel successful – feelings of success aren’t necessarily experienced at the end of a project. Help your child feel motivated right from the start.
  • Focus on effort, not their outcomes – Take note of all the things your child did to achieve their wonderful grade. Praise them for their flashcards or mind maps and how proud you are at all the effort and how pleased you are that the great effort lead to a great outcome. Children are often put-off by the journey and are solely focussed on the destination. If you teach your child to appreciate the journey right from the start, it makes learning look a lot more attractive.
  • Move your child out of their comfort zone – When kids experience negative outcomes, they can lose the motivation to try new things.

Tips For Motivating Students:

  • Make Learning Fun
  • Break tasks down into steps
  • Provide ample feedback
  • Introduce role models
  • Be positive
  • Be supportive
  • Provide a reward or incentive
  • Embrace their imperfections
  • Lead by example

How Can We Help Children Acquire These Skills?

Having a strong and healthy relationship with your child is of great paramount. Studies have shown that children with who secure an attachment to their parents — even 3- and 4-year-olds — have a greater resiliency and are more independent. It is important to remember that character strengths like curiosity and self-control can be taught. They don’t appear magically as a result of good genes. There’s a lot we can do to influence their development in children.

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