The President addressed the Nation on the 23rd of March 2020 whereby he called for a National Shutdown in South Africa, leading the way in trying to contain the virus known as COVID-19.

During this time, we will be in isolation for a period of three weeks commencing at 00:00 on the 25th of March 2020. This will mean a number of things for South Africans such as:

  • No contact with more than 2 people, unless you have a family of 4
  • No shaking of hands
  • South Africans are expected to remain in their houses unless they can justify their movements on the roads
  • A good justification would be a Doctor’s appointment, a trip to the shops or to collect medication
  • The Army has been brought in to ensure that our Fellow South Africans abide by the set terms

In addition to the above, the following has been implemented:

  • Limited sales of alcohol. Alcohol cannot be bought beyond 18:00
  • Bars, Restaurants and more have been closed until further notice
  • Schools and Universities have closed to ensure the safety of South African Students
  • Data Services have reduced their costs on data making it easier to surf the internet and stay connected during this crucial time

What you can do during this time:

You can take advantage of this time and do the following:

  • You can complete various courses to ensure that you are still able to improve your CV
  • You can complete Online Au Pair Training to help you pass the time
  • You can learn to cook during this period by joining our Online Cooking Course
  • You can paint
  • Start writing a book
  • You can catch up on some reading 
  • You can play LEGO with your children
  • Do some exercise at home
  • Play games with your family members
  • Implement a games night
  • Have regular skype calls with family members and friends to keep you company
  • Do some home improvement
  • Start a vision board

When will the shutdown end in South Africa?

As mentioned above, we are due to have a National shutdown for 21 days (3 weeks) to ensure that we contain the virus. This would mean that self isolation would end on the 16th of April 2020

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