How to get your CV noticed

How to improve your CV this 2020!

If you are struggling to find a job, it may be because your CV layout isn’t inviting, professional or easy to read. At That Sassy Life Coach we have put together five customised CV’s that can be edited in a word document format to suit your needs. Our CV templates are affordable, easy to edit and have modern, simple and professional layouts. 

What our package includes:

  • Our package includes five professional CV templates
  • Each template is different to the other – you have five different choices. None of our CV’s are sold separately
  • Our CV’s are in Word format which means they are easy to edit 

The price of our CV Package:

R250 for five professionally designed CV’s

Have a look at the below free CV tips from That Sassy Life Coach:

  1. Update your CV – this means change how it looks, the words you use and how you introduce yourself
  2. Be different – this means completing different courses (Online Au Pair Training), getting a Diploma or Degree (Education is important).
  3. Think about including a small picture of yourself (some people don’t like this but it helps a company/family or person see your friendly face)
  4. Make sure you can be contacted for interviews – this means including your cellphone number and email address on your CV
  5. Don’t forget to add your experience
  6. Thank the person for taking their time to read your CV and wish them well
  7. Keep your address and ID number off of your CV. This is just for safety purposes and can be requested if need be

We highly recommend that you purchase our CV templates to increase your chances of being invited to interviews and being recognised as a professional and organised candidate. 

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