How to decide which Au Pair Agency to go with

Are you an au pair or family who have decided to take that big leap to ask for the help of an au pair agency to find you your dream job or candidate? Here is everything you need to consider beforehand.

Do your research

It is important to choose an au pair agency that makes you feel comfortable, heard and understood.  You don’t want to be in a situation where you have been placed with a terrible Au Pair and aren’t able to dismiss them immediately. You need to ensure as a family and as an au pair, that you choose an au agency who listens, meets your requirements and has your best interests in mind – always look at the au pair agency‘s terms and conditions.

Be patient and understanding

Being an Au pair agency is no easy task so you need to be understanding and exercise patience. Remember, this can be a long process as it is difficult to find au pairs of high quality nowadays.

The Candidate

Here are some useful hints and tips to lookout for when deciding on an Au Pair Agency.

Does the Au Pair agency do the following:

  1. Does the au pair agency conduct thorough reference checks?
  2. Do they conduct a face-to-face interview with the candidate?
  3. Does the au pair agency offer refunds?
  4. Do they inform you of their placement guarantee?
  5. Do they conduct criminal background checks?
  6. Do they conduct a social Media check?
  7. Do they verify that their drivers license is legitimate?
  8. Do they conduct a safety check on the candidates vehicle?
  9. Do they check if the candidates car service history is up to date?
  10. Do they verify that the candidates qualifications?

The Owner

It is important for the au pair agency to conduct reference and character checks, just as much as it is important that you conduct your own research of the owner of the company. This can be a vital deciding factor when choosing which au pair agency as you will be entrusting them to find a candidate that will keep your children safe or a family to work in.

How the owner conducts him or herself will tell you a lot about the company, how they treat their employees and candidates and how they will treat you.

What to consider about the au pair agency when doing your due diligence:

  • Pay his or her employees? (Nannies, gardeners, au pairs and tutors)
  • Does the owner pay their employees on time (This as well as the above point is very important as you are entrusting a specific au pair agency to find you your dream job but how can they ensure your future employees will pay you if they as the agency don’t pay their own staff?)
  • Treat people with respect and kindness?
  • Is the owner polite when they answer the phone?
  • Are they patient if you ask them a lot of questions?
  • Do they get back to you in a timely response?
  • Does the au pair agency constantly move locations?
  • Does the owner respond in a helpful and productive way on social media, even if they receive a bad review?
  • Does the au pair agency have negative reviews on their business listing?
  • Does the owner or Au Pair Agency have bad reviews on Hello Peter? Hello Peter is a South African Online based review company whereby any individual can go and review a company. Be sure to check this out!

The Experience

Finding an au pair and the perfect family, should be a pleasurable and happy experience. It is a time where you are welcoming someone into your home, into your children’s lives and most importantly, into your family. Find an au pair agency that makes this a stress free process and who understands your every need.

Ask your children for input

It is important that your child is comfortable with the au pair. After the au pair agency has found a suitable candidate with your family, why not conduct your interview from the comfort of your own home to ensure you make yourself, the candidate and most importantly, your children comfortable.

Allow your child to meet, talk and engage with your prospective au pair. That way, you will see first hand how the au pair interacts with your child and how your child perceives them.

It is important that your child feels apart of the decision making process, after all, they will be spending most afternoons with that person and they need to feel happy and excited to see their au pair.

Which Au Pair Agencies are situated in Johannesburg?

We know how difficult and time consuming research can be which is why we took the liberty of including any au pair agencies in the Johannesburg area.

The Top Au Pair Agencies in Johannesburg are:

  • Au Pair Extraordinaire
  • Domestic Angels
  • Exceptional Au Pairs
  • Tip-Top Au Pair Agency
  • Hands-on Au Pair Agency
  • SA Au Pair
  • R.A.S Au Pairs
  • Carla’s Au Pair Agency

Advice for Au Pairs

Anyone who is looking to become an au pair also has to ensure that they feel comfortable with the au pair agency they try and obtain work from. Have a look at the agencies registration fees, their reviews on Google and their social Media presence.

Enjoy contacting your chosen au pair agency and we wish you well on your journey with your new au pair!

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