That Sassy Life Coach

How To Book Your Anlternative Course To Au Pair Training

  • Keep the TRAINING PAGE open and read the information provided

    This will give you a clear indication about the topics that will be covered, what you will need and the cost of the au pair training

    Click here to open training page

  • Click the "Book Course" button

    You will be taken to a page where you will need to input your details in order to register as a student with us. We also need these details for your certificate and to keep track of our students. Stay on this page if you have a discount code

  • After you have put your details in, use your discount code if you were given one

    At the top of the page, above the personal detail section, you will see a place for a coupon code. Apply your coupon code and press the purple "continue" button.

  • After you have completed your details, click the "Continue" button

    You will be taken to a grey page checkout page called PayFast where you will see my company name.

    Select your preferred payment method

  • After you have booked your course you will automatically be taken into the student portal

    Look at the top right hand side of the page. You will see a profile or login sign, click that. It will take you to the student portal where you can access your training