Getting Baby To Sleep

Any couple who has recently been blessed with a baby will vouch that getting a baby to sleep through the night is a Herculean task. Couples generally face the greatest difficulty on those initial days when the little infant gets up at night and starts crying for many hours nonstop. More you cajole him to sleep again, louder he would wail. Through the experience of various couples and common sense, it has been possible to large extend to understand what can be done to get your baby to sleep at night. Let us look at some of these possible ways to put your bundle of joy to sleep.

To begin with we need to understand in the brief why babies do not generally get a good sleep at night. There should be some reasons behind this. First is that your baby is still an infant and his basic metabolism is information. He will get up, eat up and sleep down, as and when he wants. He cannot differentiate day from night. So you cannot do much about it. Later on, when your child grows up, let’s say in 5 or 6 months you can change the approach of your newborn care.

  • Try to inculcate good sleeping habits in him. Make him understand the difference between day and night. For this, you have to chart a timetable for your newborn. If the same thing happens with him constantly he will take notice of it.
  • Before bedtime feed him properly so that he does not get up in the middle of the night ideally. Even if he does so, do feed him but very quietly so that he may feel that it is a different time of the day for sleep, but in the day time do the opposite.
  • Give him a nice warm bath as warmth induces sleep. The mother should sleep with her baby as newborns like the smell and warmth of the mother’s body. It gives them the feeling of comfort and relaxation which gets them to sleep fast.

Newborn care is about patience. You should use lots of common sense while taking care of your baby. Just put yourself in his shoes and try to make things work out better for yourself. Many acclaimed researchers have put forward their theories in the field of newborn care. Some argue that as your baby grows up just try to distance yourself from him although compassionately. For example, if he wakes up and cries at any hour of night just do not rush to him; of course, if he looks sick then that is another case but take some time. Let him cry for some time say ten minutes. If he weeps more than that then go up to him just reassure him but do not pamper him. Initially, that is tough for you and him, but he would just stop crying when he gets it that this is not worth it.

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