Free Online Au Pair Courses

Free Online Au Pair Courses

At That Sassy Life Coach, we believe in doing a ton of research on Google in order to keep up with the latest trends, topics, and what people want.

One of the things we realised is that there are many people who are heading to Google in search of Free Online Au Pair Courses and we thought that was quite interesting…

So… we decided to jump on board with the idea.

Online Au Pair Courses

At That Sassy Life Coach, we offer a variety of Online Childcare Courses for anyone to enroll in, provided they are over the ages of 18 years old.

Our courses have been completed by:

  • Au Pairs
  • Nannies
  • Tutors
  • Home School Teachers
  • Moms

Au Pair Starter Pack

In addition to the above, we offer Students the chance to save money and time by enrolling in our Au Pair Starter Pack. This is a fantastic option for students who want a good Education, at a fraction of the cost

Our Au Pair Starter Pack:

  • Will take you 1 week
  • You will get 4 certificates

Online Course Benefits

Learning online and in the comfort of your own home is extremely beneficial. If you train with us, not only will you get an automatic interview with one of our Au Pair Agencies and jump the job queue, you will also get the following:

  • You will have unlimited access to our Online Academy
  • You will have unlimited access to our Student Notes
  • You can train in the comfort of your own home or office
  • You decide when you start the course
  • You can stop your training at any time
  • Your course will automatically save your progress
  • Never miss a word the lecturer says
  • Be guided through your training by various professionals

Other Training Benefits

Benefits of training online:

  • You stay safe during times of a Pandemic
  • You’ll prove to Families, Au Pair Agencies and any other future Employers that you have the ability to use technology

Free Au Pair Course

If you would like to get a free course with your purchase, please click here for more information

Au Pair Jobs

If you enroll in our Au Pair Starter Pack or any of our Online Courses, you will qualify for the following positions:

  • Homeschooling Positions
  • Au Pair Positions
  • Tutor Positions

To see what positions you qualify for, please see our Au Pair Job Section

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