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Email Coaching

What's the big deal?

Why Email Coaching?


Email coaching allows you to seek and receive advice on the go, regardless of where you are in the world.


Do you struggle to connect with people? Do you prefer to process things in your own time and space? Email coaching is a great way to overcome anxiety when it comes to opening up about feelings, fallibility and weaknesses and to find healthier ways to kick ass and take names!

No Appointment Needed

If you are a busy person who struggles to fit appointments in due to work and family commitments, then email coaching is for you!

Package One

On the Go

Do you feel you just need a bit of support, love, guidance, direction or access to a handful of techniques or reading material to get you on track? For this, I offer a once-off email deal. You would send me an email detailing what is going on and what you would like advise on  and what you’d like to achieve. I will then give it some thought and send you a detailed email back with thoughts, techniques and resources to help.

Package Two


This is an 8 Week Package
This package focuses on accountability, goal focus, life direction and purpose. I will be a checkin buddy for you in which you would need to meet with me once a month to reflect on your journey and how far you have come

Let's talk...

Plans & Pricing

On the Go

This is a once-off email coaching session


This is an 8 week email coaching package
You will be able to contact me on my phone Mon-Sat for advice, over and above the email coaching

So tell me...

How Does It Work?

Make Contact

Please go to our contact us page and email Cass with your questions or concerns

Lookout for an email

You will receive an email that will include a client form that needs to be completed and sent back to me 2 days prior to us commencing with email coaching


Homework holds you accountable, forces self reflection, encourages change and alters ones frame of mind.