Do I hire an Au Pair or Nanny?

It is all dependant on you, your needs, your financial capabilities and your schedule. If you are a parent who works from home or has flexi hours at work, then you probably won’t need an au pair but rather a nanny (someone to look after the children when you aren’t there but who can cook, clean and care for the children). However, if you hold a senior position at work, are always in meetings and can never find a moment for yourself, then an au pair is the perfect fit for you!

Lets talk money:

At the end of the day, this is the most important and deciding factor of all is can you afford to pay your au pair or nanny and still keep your family afloat?

What is an au pair?

An au pair is someone who fetches children from school, looks after and assists them with homework, projects and helps them prepare for exams. This is also someone who guides, supports and loves your child to the best of their ability and as if they were their own. An Au Pair is usually between the ages of 18 to 30 and it is typically a female most likely completing her studies.

The costs of an au pair:

The cost of your au pair will be dependant on how long you require the au pair for each day, if it is a morning or afternoon position and if you require him or her to work over time.

You need to consider:

  • The au pairs salary
  • The au pairs reimbursement of their petrol used whilst transporting the children.
  • Electricity and water costs if they are a live-in au pair
  • The cost of paying for the au pair each time you ask her to take your children to movies, bowling, painting etc. Au pairs aren’t in a financial position to be paying for additional outings. Should you as the family feel the outing is needed then unfortunately you are required to pay for your children as well as the au pair

A Nanny:

  • is someone who can live in your home as well as stay in their own accommodation
  • looks after your children when you aren’t there
  • doesn’t fetch your children from school
  • doesn’t take your children to any appointments, school functions, play dates or outings
  • sometimes cooks dinner for the family
  • makes the children lunch and snacks
  • makes the children’s school lunch
  • performs domestic duties

The cost of a Nanny:

  • The cost of the nanny‘s salary
  • the cost of water and lights that your nanny would use whilst living on your property
  • the maintenance cost to ensure their accommodation is safe, warm and adequate

Again, this is all based on your requirements as a family which is why it is important to consider all reasons and facts as to why both au pairs and nannies have proven to be beneficial member to add to the family.

But please ensure that you are able to afford your au pair or nanny as I have heard of a few cases where families haven’t paid them and unfortunately they’ve had to resign.

What happens to an employee when you don’t pay them:

  • they can’t feed their family or themselves
  • they cannot pay for their bills (water, lights, garden service)
  • they cannot pay for rent
  • they cannot pay for school fees (if they have children)
  • they cannot pay for petrol
  • their debit orders bounce
  • their credit score gets affected
  • they get into debt as a result of falling behind in payments

Stand up and be the change you want to see in the world and never ever do something to someone that you wouldn’t like done to you.

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