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That Sassy Life Coach

An Alternative to Au Pair Training

Don't follow the crowd & obtain the same qualification
Learn different & unique approaches to children & standout with a attractive CV today

Who can do the Au Pair Training?

Those who don't have qualifications or a Matric
Those who want to become an au pair, nanny or tutor
Moms wanting to establish healthier relationships with their children
Those who work for unreasonable employers
Those who have completed au pair training  and those who haven't

What are some of the things I will learn?

How to conduct your own checks on an Au Pair Agency (This is NB as they are the ones finding you your dream job) 
How to manage stress as an Au Pair, Nanny or Tutor
Meal ideas for the whole family
How to create an allergy free lunchbox 
Understanding why children don’t eat their lunch
How to teach a child emotions
How to understand family dynamics (Divorce, separation and how to deal with an ex-wife or husband)
How to handle an angry or rude child
How to handle a family that doesn’t pay you
How to avoid angry outbursts
Understanding the different learning styles of a child

Why are we different?

Our course is cheaper than Au Pair Training
We offer 20-50% off discounts at the end of every month
We offer alternative childcare principals to Au Pair Training
Our course can be completed in 4 Hours
You don't need to be from South Africa to complete the course
You can complete the course in the comfort of your own home

Where will the training take place?

Our au pair training is mainly completed online, however special requests can be made to be trained in a small group

Sounds good, what will I need?

You will need a secure internet connection or data
You will need a cellphone, ipad or computer to complete the au pair training
You will need a comfy spot to sit in as you don't need to drive to us!

What will I receive after?

You will have unlimited access to the student portal
You will receive a certificate, A student manual, a summary book of the student notes to help you through your course as well as a free exercise book

What does it cost?

Our Au Pair Training costs R995 once off
Please remember to check our Facebook and training page on the regular for 24 hour flash sales and end of the month specials

How do I book the training? I'm a bit lost

Please visit our instruction page on how to book your au pair training

Click here


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to receive R200 off your alternative course to au pair training

The course is easy to use, fast to load and has lots of additional extras like exercises, downloadable PDF’s and Videos. Worth the money 🙂

Jade Marshall

Well worth the money

Mallory Groves

My son is 7 years old and has struggled to focus and sit still his whole life. Coupled with his lack of confidence and his ability to believe in himself, I felt hopeless as a mother so I set out to find a solution and came across this course at That Sassy Life Coach. It has helped me gain more knowledge and insight into my child’s feelings and helped me gain the confidence to engage and motivate my child in a more healthy and supportive way 💛

Kim Santini