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Master Study Skills

Have you always wanted to master the art of studying and be a more organized individual in general?


At That Sassy Life Coach, we offer an Online Study Skills Course to any young Woman looking to dominate her studies

You have to be 16 years + to complete the Study Skills Course
You do not need a car
You don't need to have a Matric
Use this course to help you prepare for exams or assist a child in preparing for theirs

Master the Art of...

Mind maps
Distraction-free study zones
How to manage conflict
Take a final test at the end and get a certificate


You will need Wifi or data to complete our course


To start the course, you need to have a student account with us.


To complete our courses, you need to be fluent in English

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Invest In Study Skills Like You Invest In Your Hair

Taking time to improve yourself, your education, and CV is something many people, families, and companies like to see in an individual as it shows them that the individual is motivated and determined to be better and do more!


Enroll in our Study Skills Course today

Get recognised by Families
Gain more confidence
Further your knowledge
Set yourself up to earn more money
Understand Children more

You will Learn the following...

Below are your lessons and topics. Feel free to browse through them

What is Studying

  • Topic 1: Studying breakdown

Your Study Area

  • Topic 1: How to prepare your study area
  • Topic 2: What children should have on their desk whilst studying
  • Topic 3: How you can assist your child as an au pair
  • Topic 4: What you shouldn't do as an au pair whilst your child is studying

Deadly Distractions

  • Topic 1: Technology
  • Topic 2: Kitchen Appliances
  • Topic 3: Siblings
  • Topic 4: How to balance it all

Learning Types

  • Topic 1: Recap of the previous lessons 
  • Topic 2: The different learning styles
  • Topic 3: As an au pair, learn how to identify how the child learns best
  • Topic 4: Why a study schedule is so important
  • Topic 5: Know when to take study breaks
  • Topic 6: How to make a feedback report for au pair families (informs the parent what you have covered in terms of Studying and Homework)

Mind maps

  • Topic 1: What is a mind map
  • Topic 2: The benefits of using a mind map with a child
  • Topic 3: How to draw a mind map with a child
  • Topic 4: Watch a mind map video
  • Topic 5: Useful hints and tips on mind maps
  • Topic 6: Programs that will help you create mind maps

Google Research

  • Topic 1: Your Google Research checklist
  • Topic 2: How to do research for a speech 
  • Topic 3: How to do research for a school project

Good Brain Food For Children

  • Topic 1: Drinks that help children focus
  • Topic 2: The best snacks to have while studying

What's the deal?

Become a highly recognised Au Pair with our AMAZING online course!

The course is R500 once-off
You will get an Online Student Portal
You will get a recognised certificate
Gain instant and unlimited access to the course
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What People Have To Say

I loved every second of the course. Online Au Pair Training with That Sassy Life Coach is definitely the way to go. PLUS! The student support is awesome

Bella Montgomery

From Durban, South Africa

I absolutely love That Sassy Life Coach. I've used her Life Coaching services and I couldn't be happier. I'm definitely going to look at completing a course or two... Thank you so much!!

Zasha Swan

From Australia

The Student Portal is super cool... thank you for your amazing service

Lucy Smith

From Johannesburg, South Africa

Fantastic Life Coach! Highly Recommended

Heather Van der Merwe

From London, UK

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