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At That Sassy Life Coach, we hold a 5-star rating and are supported by the Au Pairing community having over 1000 registered Au Pairs and Tutors training through us.


Due to many requests, we have decided to introduce our Homeschooling Course to any Au Pair, mom or nanny needing to teach, educate and support their children during COVID19


If you would like to find out more information on costs, images of the Homeschooling course, how-to book, and more read the information below.

You have to be 18 years + to complete our Online Courses
You do not need a car
You don't need to have a Matric
You can complete the course as an au pair or someone who doesn't have any au pairing experience

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Become a highly recognised Au Pair with our AMAZING online course!



You will need Wifi or data to complete our course


To start the course, you need to have a student account with us.


To complete our courses, you need to be fluent in English

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You should invest in yourself because...

Our little ones need us more than ever. If you are interested in helping others, increasing your income, and furthering your knowledge, then this course is for you!

Get recognised by Families
Gain more confidence
Further your knowledge
Set yourself up to earn more money
Understand Children more

You will Learn the following...

Below are your lessons and topics. Feel free to browse through them

Is homeschooling for you?

  • Topic 1: Getting started with homeschooling
  • Topic 2: How to test if you're ready for homeschooling

Homeschooling & Socialization

  • Topic 1: Making friends whilst homeschooling
  • Topic 2: How to get your homeschooled child into sport

Homeschooling vs. Unschooling

  • Topic 1: The difference between Homeschooling and Unschooling
  • Topic 2: Unschooling for young children

Homeschooling Curriculum

  • Topic 1: Choosing a Homeschooling curriculum
  • Topic 2: Cost of Homeschooling
  • Topic 3: Creating a preschool curriculum 

Homeschooling on a budget

  • Topic 1: How Homeschooling could save you money

Homeschooling supplies - Preschool Student

  • Topic 1: What stationery your little one needs and the sizes they need to be
  • Topic 2: Why arts and crafts are important for little ones

Incorporating Public School ideas

  • Topic 1: How to make the change from a public or private school to homeschooling

Field trips while homeschooling

  • Topic 1: Using feild trips as a part of homeschooling
  • Topic 2: How the outdoors help children learn

Study Plans

  • Topic 1: How to construct a study plan for Grade 1
  • Topic 2: How to create a study plan for older children
  • Topic 3: How to manage group Homeschooling
  • Topic 4: How to homeschool highschool students

School Term dates

  • Topic 1: Holidays and Homeschooling - How to do it

Incorporating Life Lessons

  • Topic 1: How to do it and why it's important 

What's the deal?

Become a highly recognised Au Pair with our AMAZING online course!

The course is R550 once-off
You will get an Online Student Portal
You will get a recognised certificate
Gain instant and unlimited access to the course
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What People Have To Say

I loved every second of the course. Online Au Pair Training with That Sassy Life Coach is definitely the way to go. PLUS! The student support is awesome

Bella Montgomery

From Durban, South Africa

I absolutely love That Sassy Life Coach. I've used her Life Coaching services and I couldn't be happier. I'm definitely going to look at completing a course or two... Thank you so much!!

Zasha Swan

From Australia

The Student Portal is super cool... thank you for your amazing service

Lucy Smith

From Johannesburg, South Africa

Fantastic Life Coach! Highly Recommended

Heather Van der Merwe

From London, UK

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