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At That Sassy Life Coach, our First Aid Information Course will not certify you in CPR as we cannot test the practical side of things however our course will equip you with the same knowledge you need to save a life and focus more on First Aid - hence it is an information course


If you would like to find out more information on costs, images of the course, how to book, and more, read the information below.

You have to be 18 years + to complete our First Aid Training
You do not need a car to get to our First Aid Training - we teach online
You don't need to have a Matric
You can complete the course as an au pair or someone who doesn't have any au pairing experience

First Aid Training Dates

Our bookings are now closed. You will be able to book our course again from the 25th of July 2020

Multicultural group of children learning first aid on baby's manikin with paramedic


You will need Wifi or data to complete our course


To start the course, you need to have a student account with us.


To complete our courses, you need to be fluent in English


Complete a First Aid Course

Nowadays, many Families and Au Pair Agencies are looking for candidates who have extensive knowledge on First Aid Training

Get recognised by Families
Gain more confidence
Further your knowledge
Set yourself up to earn more money
Understand Children more

You will Learn the following...

Below are your lessons and topics. Feel free to browse through them

Insect Bites

  • Topic 1: Understanding insect bites
  • Topic 2: First Aid for ant bites
  • Topic 3: First Aid for spider bites
  • Topic 4: First Aid for flea bites
  • Topic 5: First Aid for snake bites
  • Topic 6: First Aid for animal bites

Allergic Reactions

  • Topic 1: Understanding allergic reactions
  • Topic 2: Different types of allergies
  • Topic 3: Symptoms of an allergic reaction 
  • Topic 4: How to care for an allergic reaction
  • Topic 5: Using medical treatment 
  • Topic 6: Understanding Anaphylaxis 

Broken Bones

  • Topic 1: Bone accident and injuries
  • Topic 2: Seeking immediate care
  • Topic 3: First aid for bone breaks - Before the ambulance arrives
  • Topic 4: When to seek emergency help
  • Topic 5: How to make an arm sling
  • Topic 6: How to splint a fracture 
  • Topic 7: Precautions for Serious Broken Bone Injuries 

Bruises and Blisters

  • Topic 1: What are Blisters?
  • Topic 2: Preventing Blisters
  • Topic 3: First Aid Treatment for Blisters
  • Topic 4: What is a Bruise?
  • Topic 5: When to See a Doctor
  • Topic 6: Treatment for Bruises


  • Topic 1: Understanding burns
  • Topic 2: Types of Burns
  • Topic 3: Treating Minor Burns
  • Topic 4: Understanding Third Degree Burns
  • Topic 5: Treatment for Major Burns
  • Topic 6: Precautionary Advice for Burn Treatment
  • Topic 7: Home Remedies for Burns

Scrapes and Cuts

  • Topic 1: Treating Scrapes and Cuts
  • Topic 2: Stop the Bleeding
  • Topic 3: Wound Care
  • Topic 4: Treatment for Scrapes
  • Topic 5: Treatment for Cuts
  • Topic 6: Preventing Infections

Puncture Wounds

  • Topic 1: Cleaning Puncture Wounds
  • Topic 2: Protecting the Wound
  • Topic 3: Controlling the Bleeding
  • Topic 4: Treating Deep and Wide Puncture Wounds 
  • Topic 5: Using Antibiotics 
  • Topic 6: When to Consult a Doctor 


  • Topic 1: What is a Sprain?
  • Topic 2: When to Seek Medical Assistance
  • Topic 3: Assessing the Extent of the Injury 
  • Topic 4: Protecting the Injury
  • Topic 5: Resting the Injury 
  • Topic 6: Cold Compress
  • Topic 7: Bandage the Injury
  • Topic 8: Elevation 
  • Topic 9: Recovery from Sprain

Choking and Breathing Problems

  • Topic 1: Causes of Choking or Breathing Problems
  • Topic 2: Symptoms of choking 
  • Topic 3: Symptoms of breathing problems
  • Topic 4: Treatment for Choking in Adults
  • Topic 5: Treatment for Choking in Babies 
  • Topic 6: Other Breathing Problems 
  • Topic 7: Inhaling Fumes
  • Topic 8: Suffocation
  • Topic 9: Don'ts - Treating Breathing Problems 


  • Topic 1: Introduction to CPR
  • Topic 2: When to Perform CPR
  • Topic 3: Important Components of CPR 
  • Topic 4: The Airway 
  • Topic 5: Breathing 
  • Topic 6: Chest Compression 

Swimming Accidents

  • Topic 1: Introduction
  • Topic 2: Type of Swimming Accidents
  • Topic 3: Rescuing a Drowning Victim
  • Topic 4: Epilepsy and Swimming Accidents 
  • Topic 5: Jelly Fish Sting Treatment
  • Topic 6: First Aid Kit for Swimming Accidents
  • Topic 7: Pool Safety Checklist 

Accidental Poisoning

  • Topic 1: Introduction
  • Topic 2: Dangers of Poisoning
  • Topic 3: Preventing Accidental Poisoning
  • Topic 4: First Aid Tips for Different Poisoning Methods 
  • Topic 5: Treating Swallowed Poisons
  • Topic 6: Treating Inhaled Poisons 
  • Topic 7: Treating Poisoned Skin
  • Topic 8: Treating Poison in Eyes
  • Topic 9: Contacting Emergency Personnel

Heat and Sunstroke

  • Topic 1: Cause of Heat Stroke
  • Topic 2: Risk Factors
  • Topic 3: First Aid for Heat Stroke 
  • Topic 4: What is Sunstroke?
  • Topic 5: First Aid for Sunstroke
  • Topic 6: Hospital Care

Your First Aid Kit

  • Topic 1: How to Stock Your First Aid Kit
  • Topic 2: Basic First Aid Supplies
  • Topic 3: Medications for your First Aid Kit
  • Topic 4: Items for Emergency Purposes
  • Topic 5: Travel First Aid Kit

Seizures and Epilepsy

  • Topic 1: Understanding Epilepsy
  • Topic 2: Different types of Epilepsy
  • Topic 3: Managing a seizure
  • Topic 4: Symptoms of a seizure
  • Topic 5: Tongue biting
  • Topic 6: Unconsiousness during a seizure
  • Topic 7: When to call for help
  • Topic 8: Seizure recovery

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I loved every second of the course. Online Au Pair Training with That Sassy Life Coach is definitely the way to go. PLUS! The student support is awesome

Bella Montgomery

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I absolutely love That Sassy Life Coach. I've used her Life Coaching services and I couldn't be happier. I'm definitely going to look at completing a course or two... Thank you so much!!

Zasha Swan

From Australia

The Student Portal is super cool... thank you for your amazing service

Lucy Smith

From Johannesburg, South Africa

Fantastic Life Coach! Highly Recommended

Heather Van der Merwe

From London, UK

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