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How To Be THE BEST Au Pair in as little as 6 HOURS. Beat the unemployment odds with our Online Au Pair Training

That Sassy Life Coach Online Au Pair Training

At That Sassy Life Coach we offer Online Au Pair Training which has been rated THE BEST in the industry

We hold a 5 star rating and are supported by the Au Pairing community. With over 670 registered Au Pairs and Tutors, we are proud to train candidates through us.

If you would like to find out more information on costs, images of the course, how to book and more, read the information below.

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Who can complete the Online Au Pair Training?

The nice thing about our Online Au Pair Training is the fact that anyone can complete our course. Including:

  • Individuals who do or do not have a Matric

  • You do not need to have a car

  • You do not need to have a Driver's License

  • Individuals looking to transform into a fun, smart Au Pair

  • Moms looking to improve and strengthen their bonds with their children

  • Those looking to earn more money as an Au Pair

In addition to the above, the following people have completed our Online Au Pair Training. These types of individuals include:

  • Au Pairs have completed our Online Au Pair Training

  • We have had a number of Teachers purchase our training

  • Tutors, Nannies and Domestic Workers have registered for our Online Au Pair Training

YOU will Learn the following in our Online Au Pair Training:

At That Sassy Life Coach we promise to help guide, educate and transform you into the best Candidate as possible. WE will help you EXCEL in the following areas:

  • We will teach YOU how to manage any stress and anxiety Au Pairing may cause you

  • You will understand Au Pair Contracts and Duties

  • You will know how to manage a Child and their angry outbursts

  • Learn Basic First Aid

    This includes: what to have in your medical box, medical do's and don'ts, First Aid, Burn-care and more

  • You will be able to select the correct Au Pair Agency

    We will teach you how to conduct a background check on an au pair agency. This is important as you are relying on them to find you that perfect job

  • You will understand how to put together yummy meals and healthy snacks

  • You will learn how to create an allergy-free lunchbox

  • You will be able to manage divorced parents

  • You will successfully be able to teach a child emotions

  • How to manage someone who doesn't pay you and much much more!

This is what you will need to complete your course

  • You will need a secure internet connection

  • Our Online Au Pair Training can be completed on PC's, Ipads or cellphones.

    Please make sure you use one of the above to complete your course

What does the Online Au Pair Training cost?

At That Sassy Life Coach we have taken Au Pair Salaries and the Cost of Au Pair Petrol into consideration. As a result of this, we have created an affordable course that provides many benefits

  • The Online Au Pair Training costs R600 once-off

  • Online Courses Save you time

  • We will give you your own student/ Au Pair portal

  • No car needed - You learn online


To book our Online Au Pair Training course, please follow our three easy steps to ensure you are successfully registered as a student


  1. Click the "Book Course" button
  2. Complete the Online Au Pair Training Booking form. You will be able to create your student profile there

  3. Select your preferred payment method and pay for your Online Au Pair Training

How to get INSTANT access to the Online Au Pair Training

If you are an EAGER Au Pair who wants to start learning immediately, you may want to consider the following:

  • Book the Online Au Pair Training

  • Pay using your Card

    You will be taken to PayFast to finalise your payment

Reasons WHY Au Pair Training is MORE expensive than Online Au Pair Training


Being trained in person in a course like standard au pair training, is fantastic but what about those individuals who don't have much money to spare at the end of every month? What about those additional extra costs that we don't think of?The average au pair agency charges between R500 – R1000 per person per au pair training. These training sessions are between 6-8 hours long and you are awarded a certificate after completing the course


First hidden Cost:

In order to complete au pair training in person, you would need to organise money for transportation costs for those who don’t have a car (this can usually tally up to R200 there and back from the au pair training depending on where you live) This means at this point, together with the cost of the au pair training, you probably would have spent about R1200 in total.

Alternatively, if you have opted to go with an au pair agency that offers au pair training at a price of R500-R600 for in person training, whilst it is cheaper than the more expensive au pair trainings offered, you would still spend between R700 and R800 just getting to and from the au pair training – this isn’t always a financial option for individuals starting out in childcare such as au pairs, nannies, domestics and home school teachers


Second hidden Cost:

If you are fortunate enough to have your own vehicle, you will put millage on your car getting to and from the au pair training as well as cause wear and tear on your tires as you have to drive to the venue


Third hidden Cost:

You have to consider the cost of petrol when attending au pair training in person - some au pairs have to use a significant amount of money on petrol driving to the course (this isn't always a financial option for some as au pairs tend to be young individuals just starting out in their careers and don't have much disposable income)

The answer:

The real answer to all of your problems is to book our Online Au Pair Training Course. As seen above, it will save you time, money and driving to and from the training venue

How to find SAFE Online Au Pair Training

At That Sassy Life Coach we have taken the necessary measures to ensure that we provide our Au Pairs and other students, with a secure website and portal. Please see more safety tips below:

  • Safety Tips

    With internet advancing and the amount of hackers increasing, It is becoming increasingly difficult to protect our information.

    To ensure that you have the best possible and safest experience, lookout for the following when searching for online au pair training and visiting their website.

    Is their website safe?

    QUESTION: You want to opt with a website with a secure connection. A safe website is a website that has a lock - lookout for the lock in the search bar. It needs to be closed at all times. This means that the connection is secure. If you get a (!) in the search bar, it means the website isn't secure

    Please note that our website is 100% secure and safe for you to use. You will note that in the search bar, our website has a lock which means that our website can be trusted

    NEXT QUESTION: Does the Online Au Pair Training allow you to create your own user name and password or is one allocated to you? If so, be careful. Sharing your private information with a website like this could put you at risk. Would you allow a bank to determine your password? No. Be Smart, do smart, think smart.

Important Information

At That Sassy Life Coach we are extremely passionate about our Online Au Pair Training. With this in mind, we have a strict Terms & Conditions policy that needs to be respected and carried out accordingly



You are required to make an upfront payment for the Online Au Pair Training Course


At That Sassy Life Coach we reserve the right to do the following:

1. We reserve the right to delete your profile should you engage in hate speech or defame our company brand TS Life Coach PTY Ltd

2. We reserve the right to delete your profile should you not make payment of the online au pair training within 10 days of booking the course. We need to keep spaces open for students 


If you engage in abusive content or defame our brand/product in anyway, we have the right to terminate your student membership effective immediately 

What Our Top Au Pairs

& Students Say...

At That Sassy Life Coach we strive to be different, to help others save time, money and helping those further their CV whilst providing the best Online Au Pair Training to assist you in showcasing your talent to any Family or Au Pair Agency

The course is easy to use, fast to load and has lots of additional extras like exercises, downloadable PDF’s and Videos. Worth the money

Jade Marshall

I was able to study, Au Pair and work at the same time! What an awesome course

Stacey Gildernof

The online au pair training course material is very informative

Noziga Azikiwe

My son is 7 years old and has struggled to focus and sit still his whole life. Coupled with his lack of confidence and his ability to believe in himself, I felt hopeless as a mother so I set out to find a solution and came across this course at That Sassy Life Coach. It has helped me gain more knowledge and insight into my child’s feelings and helped me gain the confidence to engage and motivate my child in a more healthy and supportive way

Kim Santini

Thanks so much for your amazing service.

From email assistance to a surprise courtesy call received.. All i can say is feeling very happy about the decision i made to go with That Sassy Life Coach.. Not to mention the discount you offered at a really good price. Tx !
Candice Le

I absolutely love this Online Au Pair Training. I found it to be an awesome experience. Thank you!

Olivia De Sontos

Wow... wow... WOW!!! I love my certificate. It is super unique and I cannot wait to apply at an Au Pair Agency

Tammy Adams

This is an incredible au pair course to do. It is helpful, fun and easy to complete. I loved all the information and I think the student portal is fantastic. Not many companies offer such an advance website an au pair course

Hannah Bolton

Thank you very much for my special Au Pair Training Manual. I found it to be nicely laid out and to be very helpful

Jamie Leigh Mertle

The portal is so cool. Thanks so much

Jamie Penney

The online au pair training certificate is so beautiful. I am so glad I did the Online Au Pair Training as it was fun and informative

Tessa Park

Fantastic Course. My daughter loved every second

Carol Penning

I searched "au pair courses near me" in Google and I came across this amazing course. I completed it within 6 hours as I decided to break for lunch. It was awesome. Thank you Cass

Mia Megan Duffle

I was considering completing Au Pair Training at an Au Pair Agency and then I came across That Sassy Life Coach Online Au Pair Training and I am VERY Happy with my decision. I can refer back to my notes at anytime (which I do when I am at work) and I find it to be very helpful

Emily Millar-Jones

I was very impressed with the Online Au Pair Training and the best thing of all, is that I now have the most pretty Certificate ever

Jordan Hilton

I searched "au pair courses near me" in Google and I came across this amazing course. I completed it within 6 hours as I decided to break for lunch. It was awesome. Thank you Cass

Mia Megan Duffle
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