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At That Sassy Life Coach, our Online Au Pair Training has been rated THE BEST in the industry


We hold a 5-star rating and are supported by the Au Pairing community having over 1000 registered Au Pairs and Tutors training through us


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You have to be 18 years + to complete our Online Courses
You do not need a car
You don't need to have a Matric
You can complete the course as an au pair or someone who doesn't have any au pairing experience

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Become a highly recognised Au Pair with our AMAZING online course!



You will need Wifi or data to complete our course


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To complete our courses, you need to be fluent in English

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You should invest in yourself because...

Furthering your education and skill set is so important when trying to earn a raise or land any new job.

Get recognised by Families
Gain more confidence
Further your knowledge
Set yourself up to earn more money
Understand Children more

You will Learn the following...

Below are your lessons and topics. Feel free to browse through them

Interviews & your professional life

  • Topic 1: How this course will prepare you for your interview
  • Topic 2: How to handle being dismissed 
  • Topic 3: Questions you can expect to be asked
  • Topic 4: Understanding the probationary period

Teaching & Homework Skills

  • Topic 1: How to effectively teach and explain homework to children
  • Topic 2: He sued the schooling system
  • Topic 3: Homework methods
  • Topic 4: Understanding different learning styles


  • Topic 1: What are emotions and how do we understand them?
  • Topic 2: Children and emotions
  • Topic 3: How to teach children emotions
  • Topic 4: How to handle an angry child
  • Topic 5: How to avoid angry outbursts 

How to create an allergy-free lunchbox

  • Topic 1: Lunch Box Ideas
  • Topic 2: Toddler-Friendly Lunchbox Ideas
  • Topic 3: Typical afternoon snacks for children
  • Topic 4: Lunch Box no no's
  • Topic 5: How to deal with an allergic reaction
  • Topic 6: Best drink ideas for lunches
  • Topic 7: Understand why children don't eat their lunch
  • Topic 8: Dinner Ideas

Children suffering from Bullying

  • Topic 1: What is Bullying?
  • Topic 2: Types of Bullying
  • Topic 3: Why do Children Bully?
  • Topic 4: The profile of a Child that gets bullied
  • Topic 5: Ways to decrease bullying
  • Topic 6: How to handle a child that is being bullied
  • Topic 7: How to approach a child overall
  • Topic 8: Abuse and why it is a form of bullying
  • Topic 9: Know who the abusers are
  • Topic 10: Know the signs of abuse

Understanding Family Dynamics

  • Topic 1: Understanding divorce
  • Topic 2: A good divorce
  • Topic 3: What you can expect as an au pair working in such an environment
  • Topic 4: A bad divorce
  • Topic 5: What you can expect as an au pair working in such an environment
  • Topic 6: How to manage an ex-husband or wife
  • Topic 7: How you can help a Child through divorce
  • Topic 8: How to acknowledge the divorce with the Child
  • Topic 9: Advice to moms and dads

Basic First Aid

  • Topic 1: What is First Aid?
  • Topic 2: Your First Aid Kit
  • Topic 3: Where to buy a First Aid Kit and how to deal with an emergency 

Time Management as an Au Pair

  • Topic 1: How to save yourself from wasting time
  • Topic 2: Understanding why time management is so important for Au pairs

What is a Life Coach

  • Topic 1: What does a Life Coach do?
  • Topic 2: The roles of a Life Coach
  • Topic 3: Life Coaching Areas
  • Topic 4: How this course will help a Child

The Wheel of Life

  • Topic 1: What is the Wheel of Life?

Foundation Values

  • Topic 1: What are foundation values?

Domain of Happiness

  • Topic 1: What is a Domain of Happiness?
  • Topic 2: How do I find my Domain of Happiness?

What's the deal?

Become a highly recognised Au Pair with our AMAZING online course!

The course is R600 once-off
You will get an Online Student Portal
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Gain instant and unlimited access to the course
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What People Have To Say

I loved every second of the course. Online Au Pair Training with That Sassy Life Coach is definitely the way to go. PLUS! The student support is awesome

Bella Montgomery

From Durban, South Africa

I absolutely love That Sassy Life Coach. I've used her Life Coaching services and I couldn't be happier. I'm definitely going to look at completing a course or two... Thank you so much!!

Zasha Swan

From Australia

The Student Portal is super cool... thank you for your amazing service

Lucy Smith

From Johannesburg, South Africa

Fantastic Life Coach! Highly Recommended

Heather Van der Merwe

From London, UK

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