Au Pairs & Moms: Activities for little ones when it is raining

Little children have wild imaginations and love to get down and dirty with the glitter glue. However, it is a common thing for children to want to seek approval and recognition for their masterpiece. By getting involved in your child’s creative development, you will reap the rewards of being able to spend quality time with your little ones and learn more about their creative streak, as well as your own.

Some of these crafts require adult supervision because creating these masterpieces requires the use sharp objects such as: knives, glue and scissors. Be sure to prepare a good and comfortable work station for you and your child


Lets get cracking

Fun activities to do with children:

Homemade Scented Play Dough

It was always so fun until it hardened into a rock or you tried eating it and couldn’t feel your tongue for a few weeks. Well, now there are fantastic recipes on the internet that are just as fun and probably a lot less toxic! This is a fun way to bond and get your child into a sensory friendly activity

Handprint Fall Tree Craft

Trees are probably the most drawn object in the entire world. Why not amp up the game a bit with some paint and cotton swabs?

Torn Paper Shape Collage

Tear up pieces of colourful paper to make shapes and unique pictures – fun for the whole family and is a fantastic sensory activity

Children’s Painting Activities

Children love to paint! Make sure you have cleared a space for the children to get messy.

Glitter counting sticks

When your kids are learning how to count, it may be difficult to motivate them while they’re still trying to get it down. Make teaching and learning a fun tactile activity with this super easy and under-10-minute craft to make glitter glue counting sticks.

Recycled milk jug watering can

Don’t let empty milk jugs go to waste–turn them into cute and eco-friendly watering cans! Just poke some holes in the cap, maybe even use some paint or washi tape to decorate, and you’re all set for some gardening fun!

Toilet Paper Roll Butterflies

Use some old toilet paper or paper towel rolls for this easy and cute butterfly craft. Paint, glue and some pipe cleaners are all you need to make beautiful butterflies to brighten up any rainy afternoon!


Puppets can be made using an old sock (ask dad). You can make use of buttons and other objects to create a little face and ears.


Decoupage allows you to decorate almost any wooden surface. Some examples include picture frames, boxes, clocks, coasters and trays. Decoupage involves cutting out pictures and graphics transform any wooden object into a more interesting and eye catching decoration. Your children can design the decoupage object to match the colours and themes of their bedroom.


This is a fantastic activity that teaches independence. Having your children mix all the ingredients, will allow them to feel a part of the cooking process. Allow your children to display their skills by decorating all the delicious goodies in different colours, designs and pictures. Teach them safety rules in the kitchen.


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