Au Pair petrol rates

Au Pair Petrol Breakdown

As an au pair, you are required to transport children to various events, appointments and extra murals by using your own au pair petrol. In return, you need to be reimbursed for the distance travelled with the children. The rate per km can be determined by the AA and should be paid over and above your monthly salary.

How To Claim Your Au Pair Petrol

It is important to remember that you are responsible for the petrol you use to get yourself to the first point of your day (i.e the school or the families home)

Thereafter, we suggest that you keep an au pair petrol log book and log the km travelled with the children so to avoid disagreements and conflict at the end of the month.

In the event that the family provides you with a car to make use of during working hours, then a reimbursement of the au pairs petrol is non-applicable.

Furthermore, if you hold the job title of tutor, coach or homeschool teacher whereby you aren’t required to drive around for the family like an au pair is, then again, a reimbursement for petrol is not applicable.

Au Pair Petrol Per km

According to the industry standard, you should request to be reimbursed for your au pair petrol used whilst ferrying the children around, at a rate of and between R3.00 – R5.00 per kilometre travelled.

If you are struggling with getting reimbursed for your au pair petrol, please consult our various advice columns or consider our Life Coach Training course for au pairs to help you manage conflict better.

Alternatively and should you require further assistance, please fill-out our “contact us” form or call us.

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