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Au Pair Courses

If you are reading this now, it’s because you are interested in becoming the best candidate possible at a fraction of the cost, with our Au Pair Starter Pack

Our Au Pair Starter Pack is not just limited for Au Pairs to enroll in, but is also for the following individuals:

  • Tutors
  • Home School Teachers
  • School Facilitators
  • Moms and Dads
  • Guardians
  • Childminders and Nannies
  • Governesses

Au Pair Starter Pack

Our Starter Pack includes 4 of our online childcare/ au pair courses:

and, if you purchase our starter pack, we will throw in (for FREE) our First Aid Course

The reason we have put together this awesome Pack is to ensure that our candidates graduate as well-rounded individuals who know how to handle any situation – see the price of the pack here

After you have completed all of your courses (a total of 5) you will be asked to complete your online exam to test your knowledge and to receive your 5 certificates after you have passed

Whether it be:

  • An emergency situation (covered in our First Aid Course)
  • Problems with your contract (covered in our Au Pair Course)
  • How to Teach a child (covered in our Home Schooling Course)
  • Dealing with divorce and bullying (covered in our Au Pair Course)
  • Swimming accidents (covered in our First Aid Course)
  • Contract termination (covered in our Au Pair Course)
  • How to handle cooking and baking accidents (covered in our cooking course)

Our Au Pair Starter Pack will equip you will all the knowledge you need to be able to handle any situation, in the most professional and respectful way.

Lessons and Topics

Should you wish to enroll in our Au Pair Starter Pack, you will get access to a total of 5 childcare courses (4 paid and 1 free)

As mentioned before, you will get access to:

  • Au Pair Course
  • Home Schooling Course
  • Tutor Course
  • Cooking Course
  • PLUS Free First Aid Course

You will then learn the following in our Au Pair Starter Pack

Au Pair Course Contents:

  • Welcome
  • What is an Au Pair
  • How to manage your interview
  • Where to gain experience
  • Understanding  Contracts
  • Understanding medical leave
  • Understanding au Pair Life
  • What to bring to work
  • Your first day as an Au Pair
  • Understanding Family dynamics
  • How to motivate a child
  • How to teach a child about emotions
  • How to discipline a child
  • How to manage your time
  • How to manage Au Pair stress and more

Tutoring Course Contents:

  • What is a Tutor
  • Duties of a Tutor
  • Your First Day as a Tutor
  • The different learning styles
  • How to prepare a Child to Study
  • What to have on your Desk
  • How to limit distractions
  • Teaching an ADD Child
  • Teaching a Special Needs Child
  • Foods that help Children Study
  • How to create Mind Maps
  • How to do School projects
  • How to do School speeches
  • How to do Spelling Tests
  • How to test sight words and more

Homeschooling Course Contents:

  • How to decide on Homeschooling
  • How to select a Curriculum
  • How to Register a Child with the Department of Education
  • How to Register with The Pestalozzi Trust
  • How to set up a Classroom
  • How to manage School Admin
  • Managing Foundation, Intermediate and Senior Phase and more

Cooking Course Contents:

  • Welcome
  • Introduction to Cooking
  • Preparing your cooking environment
  • Kitchen safety
  • Kitchen hygiene
  • Burn Treatment
  • Creating Shopping lists
  • Making lunch and dinner for children
  • Cooking Demonstration videos and more

First Aid Course Contents:

  • Welcome
  • Managing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-degree burns
  • Managing insect bites
  • Understanding allergic reactions
  • Caring for Scrapes and cuts
  • Caring for bruises and blisters
  • Caring for broken bones
  • Caring for sprains
  • Understanding heatstroke
  • Dealing with accidental poisoning and more

Training Online

Training Online and in the comfort of your own home has many benefits including:

  • You do not need to drive to the course
  • The course will transform you into an incredible au pair
  • You will gain extensive knowledge on children and how to manage them
  • You will walk away with the most unique certificate that will set you apart from others
  • You aren’t at risk of getting sick as our training is online. This means you don’t have to surround yourself with people who could potentially be in bad health

If you think you can become a better version of yourself, we dare you to enroll in our Au Pair Starter Pack


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