Au Pair Courses That We Offer

Who are we?

That Sassy Life Coach officially opened their doors in 2017 and have since become one of the leading companies in the industry for both Life Coaching services and Online Au Pair Training.

We provide au pairs, moms and nannies with an opportunity to join our highly rated Online Au Pair Training Course. Holding a 5 star rating and supported by the Au Pairing community, we are proud to train candidates through us.

The Dream we are building

We have the dream of becoming the best au pair training platform in all of South Africa. Working closely with a variety of people, we hope to make this a dream come true

Does That Sassy Life Coach offer Au Pair Courses?

Yes. At That Sassy Life Coach we offer a variety of au pair courses. Please see our website for more information on our courses. Alternatively, you can follow us on Facebook

Is That Sassy Life Coach an Au Pair Agency?

No we are not an au pair agency. Whilst we do offer au pairs and nannies au pair courses, our soul aim is to not place candidates but to make them more skilled, informed and educated before stepping into the lives of various children as their au pair

What Au Pair Courses does That Sassy Life Coach Offer?

At That Sassy Life Coach we offer the following au pair courses for you to choose from:

Our Au Pair Courses have been designed by a qualified Life Coach giving a different perspective on healthy stress and time management, bullying, children, eating habits, first aid and more. Our au pair courses have proven to be one of the best, highly rated courses on the market.

Our courses are recognised for their pure excellence, abundance of course materiel information and professional delivery of our course content.

That Sassy Life Coach Online Au Pair Training

At That Sassy Life Coach we offer online au pair training. Our online au pair training has been rated the best in the industry for its student portal, course material and customer service. If you are looking for an au pair course on the go, with fun material to consume, then That Sassy Life Coach is the place for you.

Offering a secure student portal, a variety of childcare related topics and a certificate, this is an au pair course you don’t want to miss.

Our Online au pair course is available for purchase all year round and can be completed by individuals with or without a matric.

The benefits of completing our Online Au Pair Training

Learning online has proven to be extremely beneficial

  • Online Au Pair Training is far more beneficial as you always have access to the notes. Our notes can be accessed on our student portal
  • Everything is detailed in the online au pair training so you don’t miss out on anything the lecturer says
  • With au pair training, you have to wait for the training date. With our Online Au Pair Training, you don’t have to wait for a certain day to start the course
  • You can go through the course material in your own time
  • You can work through the Online Au Pair Training Course at your own pace
  • You don’t have to travel to the course
  • If you are travelling or on holiday you can still do the course

Here are some of the things you will learn in our au pair course:

  • Basic First Aid principles
  • Children and eating
  • Allergic reactions
  • Abuse and things to lookout for
  • Homework and learning methods
  • How to make healthy lunches
  • Nut allergies
  • Au Pair do’s and don’ts and much much more

That Sassy Life Coach Au Pair Cooking Course

At That Sassy Life Coach we offer au pair cooking courses. The aim of this au pair course is to help further candidates skills and knowledge in and around the kitchen. We feel kitchen safety is one of the key skills au pairs need to master in order to be around children. Kitchen safety should be given 100% attention as this is where accidents happen.

Offering a basic food cooking course, you will receive many benefits. One of them being able to eat the meal you are taught.

In addition to the above, you will receive a certificate and recipe guide. More detail on this specific au pair course can be found on our website or on the au pair cooking page itself

Why should you complete as many Au Pair Courses as possible?

At That Sassy Life Coach we highly recommend that au pairs and nannies complete as many au pair courses as possible. The reason for this is that so many families are looking for highly qualified au pairs (Which is next to impossible to come by)

Completing a variety of au pair courses will:

  • Give you more knowledge on children
  • Will allow you to earn more money as an au pair. Generally au pairs who are more qualified, will be able to earn a higher salary
  • Gives you a better chance at finding employment
  • It will make you standout as a candidate
  • It will give you more confidence
  • You will have a better understanding of time and stress management. This is important as au pairs are required to complete a variety of tasks

Do you offer Certificates in your Au Pair Courses?

Yes. Each time you complete an au pair course (or any course) through us, you will automatically receive your course certificate in your student portal. Our au pair course certificates are automatically generated through our student portal. Giving you 100% accurate information when graduating with us. Simply login into your student portal on our website, download, print or share your certificate. The choice is up to you!

Does each Au Pair Course come with course material?

Yes. Each au pair course that we have created, comes with course material/student notes for you to use. Our course material has been professionally designed and created to make your learning easier. Refer back to your notes at any time.

Are your Au Pair Course Certificates recognised?

Yes. Are course certificates are recognised. We have had people from many different companies purchase our courses. These countries include: Hong Kong, Australia, South Africa, United Kingdom and the USA. Each country reaping the rewards

Why is That Sassy Life Coach the best company to train through?

We are the best company to train through as an au pair or nanny because of the following reasons:

  • We provide the best student infrastructure
  • We have one of the most secure student portals
  • We don’t make you wait for your certificate. Graduate and we will reward you immediately
  • We provide our students with a variety of educational mediums to learn from including: notes and videos to make learning more fun
  • We give you full control over your student portal – we do not interfere at all. Create your own password!
  • Our course prices are reasonable
  • We have had over 300 au pairs train through us

Our prices are lower than most agencies

Most au pairs decide that the best route is to train as an au pair through an au pair agency. However, completing an au pair course through them might not be the best thing. The reason for this is that so many people have the same idea as you. This leaves most au pairs training through the same company and graduating with the same qualification. Leaving no room for originality or for you to standout.

At That Sassy Life Coach we are dedicated and committed to helping you standout as a candidate which is why we offer a variety of au pair courses to give you the best possible fighting chance at standing out and being recognised by an au pair agency or family

Our au pair course fees have been structured cheaper than most training institutions so that we can train as many people as possible and hopefully getting them into the job market, faster than what they would through a typical agency.

Agency fees are more expensive and training tends to only happen once a month. However, with our online au pair training course, the control is in your hands. Decide when you train and graduate.

Who are the Au Pair Agencies?

The following companies are au pair agencies in South Africa and are associated with placements:

  • Edubabe
  • Professional Placements / Pro Placements
  • Exceptional Au Pairs
  • Au Pair Extraordinaire
  • Au Pair Angels
  • Joy Au Pairs
  • Au Pair SA
  • Little Sunshines / Little Sunshines Au Pair Agency

The following companies are au pair agencies around the world:

  • Square au pair (United Kingdom)
  • Au Pair World (United Kingdom)
  • Smart Au Pairs (United Kingdom)
  • Hallo Au Pair (Germany)
  • Au Pair Connect (Germany)
  • Cultural Care Au Pair (Germany)
  • Great Au Pair (Germany)
  • Au Pair Australia
  • Au Pair World (Australia)
  • Au Pair Link (New Zealand)
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