Au Pair Courses Near Me

At That Sassy Life Coach, we have done extensive research on which Companies offer childcare courses to help individuals make the right decisions for them

The aim of this post is to ensure you are aware of your various options, fees, study material and more

Things to consider:

  • The price of the course
  • The length of the course
  • What learning material you get
  • Do you receive a certificate after you have completed the course?
  • Is the certificate emailed to you? Or do you have the opportunity to print or save the certificate upon completion?
  • Consider the location of the course near you
  • Consider how much fuel you would use driving to the au pair course
  • Do you have to use public transport to get to the course?

If these questions concern you as much as they concerned us, then you have come to the right place.

Training in Person?

Are you considering doing an Au Pair Course? Well, that’s fantastic! It is a great course to do and has proven to be highly successful, however, have you stopped to think about the possible hidden costs?

The Cost of Training in person

The average au pair agency charges between R500 – R1000 per person per au pair training. These training sessions are between 6-8 hours long and you are awarded a certificate after completing the course.

This can be quite expensive considering there are additional costs added on. These costs are over and above the au pair training you receive in person.

These costs include:

  • Petrol
  • Transport money
  • Food costs

Companies that offer Training

The following companies offer a form of training. Please be sure to select the company that suits your needs, finances, experience, location, and interests

  • Edubabe
  • Domestic Angels
  • Cultural Care
  • Nannies in Training
  • Chilton
  • First Class Domestic
  • Little Sunshines
  • Damelin
  • Carla’s Au Pairs
  • Au Pair World – International
  • Au Pair Care – International 

Training Solution

That Sassy Life Coach was once an Au Pair herself. She searched and searched and couldn’t find the perfect Au Pair qualifications.

With her years of experience together with her qualifications, she decided to create her own Online Childcare Courses that are guided by professionals to ensure students receive the best experience

That Sassy Life Coach created the perfect Online Au Pair Academy that has:

  • A progress bar
  • A certificate that is automatically generated
  • An Online Au Pair Exam
  • An Online Portal
  • Online Student Support and more!

Training Locations

If you have always wanted to improve your qualifications but couldn’t find the perfect place to do so or you don’t have access to a training environment, please consider registering with That Sassy Life Coach.

We offer Online Training to any:

  • Au Pair
  • Mom
  • Nanny
  • Home School Teacher
  • Tutor to take part in

Our enrollment process is quick, easy, and reliable. Regardless of where you are, you can further your education with us, online and in the comfort of your own home

International Training

At That Sassy Life Coach, we have had a variety of international students register for our Online Courses. If you live outside of South Africa, you can still register for our courses

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