Au Pair Abroad

Au Pair Abroad

Would you like to live in a foreign country, learn the local language and experience the culture of the country with a host family of your choice?

Do you want to make friends from around the world and at the same time do something great for your CV? Do you want to Au Pair Abroad?

We’ve put together a short article for you to read to ensure you know what to expect and how to safeguard yourself during this big transition.

Moving overseas to Au Pair Abroad

Here is everything you need to know when moving overseas:

  • You are going to miss home and that’s perfectly normal.
  • You are going to have good and bad days. Remember, this is a big change for you.
  • You are probably going to get a little lost finding your way around and that’s also okay. See this time as an adventure.
  • It would probably be wise to take a bit of money with you so that you can treat yourself to the odd coffee, chocolate, or even sandwich while you are exploring your new country. This makes the adjustment period a little easier as you have still maintained your independence.
  • Regular calls back home to family (WhatsApp video or Facetime) will help you feel less alone while you embark on this exciting journey ahead.
  • Remember why you made this change. We are here to challenge ourselves and to give ourselves the best possible life and opportunities.

What to take when you Au Pair Abroad

Here is everything you’ll need when moving overseas:

  • Take your essential clothing with you.
  • Make sure to pack a few personal, more sentimental objects that remind you of home. This will help with the adjustment period. We suggest things like picture frames, a blanket, and maybe even your favorite pillow. This will be your compass pointing you back home, but will also keep you pushing forward.
  • A good pair of walking shoes. If you have never traveled to Europe, don’t underestimate how much walking you do in a day. There are not many families overseas that will provide a family car for you to drive.
  • Get used to spending in your new currency as soon as possible. This will help educate you about international currency, and how it works. This is a very valuable skill to have during this time.

How to prepare for your move:

  • Ensure you have done enough research about the position you want to go after and the country you are about to live in. Never go into a situation blind. Make sure you feel comfortable with your decision.
  • Put together a checklist of the accounts you may need to close or put on hold before you move out of your country. This will give you surety that you are not ruining your credit score while you are working as an Au Pair abroad.
  • Make sure you buy a good quality suitcase. Buy luggage strapping if you are taking more than one bag. This will help you move around the airport faster, catch taxis and hop onto tubes with ease.
  • Make sure you do a proper farewell before you go. Although this signifies the start of your growth and adventure, the reality is when traveling for a long period of time, our loved ones could become sick in our temporary absence. Life is short, cherish those around you, tell them you love them and do a proper goodbye.
  •  Take a direct flight where possible. This will keep your traveling time shorter and help keep the exhaustion at bay.

Before you Au Pair Abroad

Things to consider:

  • Consider the salary you are going to earn in your new country, whilst being an Au Pair living abroad.
  • Consider how long your contract is going to be. Is this a 3-month exchange, 6 months, or 12-month-long contract?
  • Will you be able to cope with the language? Most countries are upskilling their people to speak and understand English. Make sure the language barrier isn’t too strong and difficult to work through as this can make your adjustment period a bit more challenging. Don’t let this sway you though, tough people are built from tough times.
  • Do you have enough experience or knowledge to lean on? Remember you are looking after someone’s child(ren) and it’s imperative that you know how to handle any situation. If you are feeling uneasy about this particular point, click here to overcome your fear and become the most desired Au Pair.
  • Do you have a valid passport and visa’s in place to make this move possible?

We hope that this has helped arm you with the necessary information you need to Au Pair abroad.


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