An Alternative Online Course to Au Pair Training: Be different

Are you an Au Pair, Nanny or Tutor? Are you desperately looking for work but don’t know how to make yourself standout and make yourself that attractive candidate?

Or are you a mom looking to foster a stronger, healthier relationship with your child?

Nowadays, with everyone having similar qualifications and levels of experience, it is hard to make yourself stand out to get that dream job. But that is why we would like to help.

At That Sassy Life Coach, we offer Au Pairs, Nannies, Moms and Tutors with a chance to join our highly rated online training course which will provide you with more knowledge and understanding of children and how to manage your time, stress and conflict levels.

Our course is reliable, affordable and convenient and is an alternative to Au Pair Training. The best part is, the course can be completed on any mobile, ipad or computer and can be done at any time and anywhere!

Don’t feel like completing the course in one day? Don’t worry, you can join our online course and take the next few days to complete your training. However, if you are the type of person who requires one-one-one training, we are more than happy to make the exception and lend a helping hand and train you in person.

Who will benefit from our Life Coach Training Course?

  • Those who don’t have qualifications and are wanting to start their professional careers
  • Those who don’t have a Matric and would like something on their CV
  • Individuals wanting to become an Au Pair (Attractive on CV)
  • Anyone who adores and spends their time with children and would like to become more knowledgeable
  • Any Au Pairs that have completed Au Pair Training
  • Any Au Pairs that haven’t completed Au Pair training and are looking for an alternative course
  • Moms who haven’t completed Au Pair Training and are struggling to connect, discipline and understand their children
  • Tutors who haven’t completed Au Pair Training
  • Nannies who haven’t completed Au Pair Training
  • Tutors looking to become au pairs
  • Individuals who work for unreasonable employers
  • Individuals who work with angry children
  • Individuals who work for divorced families
  • Any Nanny, Au Pair & Teacher wanting to build a stronger relationship with their placement family
  • Nannies who want to impress future employers
  • Matriculants who don’t have any Au Pairing experience
  • Any mother, regardless of age, looking to foster a healthier relationship with their child
  • Teacher’s Assistants looking to further themselves in their career
  • Retired teachers who are looking to become au pairs or who would like to further their knowledge on children
  • Au Pairs who are considering working overseas

So, let’s discuss the Life Coach training in more detail

  • Our training is available to anyone
  • Our training can be done ONLINE
  • Our training can be done in person
  • You do not need to be a life coach to complete the life coach training
  • You do not need to be a South African
  • You do not need to have a car
  • You do not need to have a drivers licence

Some of the things you will learn as an Au Pair, Nanny, Mom or Tutor in Our Course

  • How to select the correct and legal Au Pair agency (This is NB as they are the ones finding you your dream job)
  • The top au pair agencies in Johannesburg
  • Where and how to apply for positions
  • You will learn about au pair duties, the different au pair salaries, au pair petrol and what au pair qualifications will get you employed faster
  • We have a look at au pair contracts and clauses to look out for
  • How to manage your time as an Au Pair or Nanny
  • How to manage stress as an au pair or nanny
  • How to teach a child and complete homework with them
  • Understanding the different learning styles of a child
  • How to create an allergy free lunchbox (what you can and can’t pack in a lunch box and the best drinks to buy)
  • Meal plan ideas for the whole family (infants to adults)
  • Understanding why children don’t eat their lunch
  • How to deal with an allergic reaction
  • Fun things to do with children at home
  • Fun, child friendly places to eat and play (Outing ideas)
  • How to teach a child emotions (Important if you are an au pair working with young children)
  • How to understand family dynamics
  • How to understand divorce
  • How to understand separation
  • How to work as a nanny or au pair in that type of environment
  • How to help a child through divorce
  • How to work as an au pair or nanny in a divorced family
  • How to handle an angry or rude child
  • How to avoid angry outbursts
  • How to identify if a child is being abused
  • How to handle a child who is being bullied at school, by their siblings or parent
  • How to motivate yourself and a child
  • How to create a confident child
  • How to spot and help a stressed child
  • How to create a stress plan for yourself and the children you work with
  • How to ask for a raise in salary
  • How to handle a family that doesn’t pay you (& Employers in general)
  • Knowing when the CCMA is okay
  • CCMA Guidelines
  • Understanding the probationary period
  • Reasons for dismissal

….And much much more!

Stand out from the crowd and be a healthier, happier and more successful individual

  • Our life coach training course for au pairs, moms, nannies and tutors is completed online
  • A secure internet connection is required
  • You will complete your training through our secure online portal
  • You will have unlimited access to the course after you have purchased it

What will you receive after the course?

  • You will receive a certificate
  • You will receive a full PFD downloadable version of the course contents
  • You will receive a summary pack of notes to make your learning easier
  • You will receive a FREE exercise book


Why follow the crowd and obtain the same qualifications? Be different, stand out and you will achieve more

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