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Welcome To Our Adult Life Coaching Packages

Why does a Life Coach provide

The Ultimate Value


A Life Coach is a great soundboard that holds you accountable and encourages you to reach your goals so to unlock your full potential


To seek the best results it is better that you be as frank and honest with me as possible so that we are able to find healthier ways forward and establish trust between you and I

Self Love & Reflection

Before you can truly love others to the best of your ability, you need to invite, welcome and accept self love into your life. Are you too hard on yourself or are you struggling to let go of something?

Package One

Once-off Life Coaching

In this session, we can discuss anything you desire from: stress, transforming past family issues into positive mental & physical goals, How to be coached out of bad habits, Relationship advice, Career Change and how to manage cheating in a relationship

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Package Two

The Kick it Program

We will further discuss any concerns raised in the first session and provide you with tools to overcome obstacles preventing you from being happy.
Our main focus here will be about boundary setting, establishing if you are addicted to drama and any personal conflict. 

Package Three

Nailed It!

This is an 8 week Life Coaching Package whereby accountability will be a common thread throughout. Being able to be held accountable seeps into our relationships and our ability to apologise and accept actions, it effects our career, our family and how we explore our self love and the way we handle conflict. In addition to this, should it interest you, we can discuss how to start your own company to be your own boss too.

Let's talk...

Plans & Pricing

Once-Off Coaching

This session is 1 hour 
Anything can be discussed

The Kick it program

This is a 4 Week program.
Sessions are 1 hour long and are conducted on a weekly basis 
Homework will be given

Coaching sessions are usually R750 but if you select this package, each session will cost R650
Payment is required up front

Nailed it!

This is an 8 Week Program
Each session is 1 hour long
The first 3 sessions need to happen every week for the first three weeks. Thereafter, you can schedule your remaining 5 sessions whenever you like.
Homework will be given

Coaching sessions are usually R750 but if you select this package, each session will cost R600
Payment is required up front

So tell me...

How Does It Work?

Make Contact

Please fill-out our contact us form and provide us with your personal details in order for Cass to contact you directly

Lookout for an email

You will receive an email that will include a client form as well as some homework that needs to be completed and sent back to me 2 days prior to your Adult Life Coaching session.


Homework holds you accountable, forces self reflection, encourages change and alters ones frame of mind.