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Understand our drive and mission in trying to close the hiring gap!

Our Story

That Sassy Life Coach is an Online Training Platform for Au Pairs and Nannies that was Founded in 2016. Our aim is to help Au Pairs, Nannies, and Childminders alike to increase their income, and their knowledge on children.

If you are interested in working with children, consider That Sassy Life Coach.


With our partnered Au Pair Agencies, we can help you jump the interview queue simply by having one of our certificates.

Why have we partnered? 
That is quite simple. We were tired of seeing people waiting to have their interviews, so we partnered to try and close the hiring gap!
Complete one of our online courses and apply to one of our agencies. Simply present your certificate from That Sassy Life Coach, and you will be put to the top of the interview lists! 

48% OFF Our Au Pair Starter Pack

Our Au Pair Starter Pack gives you access to 5 of our most valued childcare courses.


Get that extra boost and exposure you need to secure multiple interviews. 

Take back the control, and be in the power seat. Stop getting overlooked as a candidate TODAY. 

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