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Child Life Coach In Johannesburg

At That Sassy Life Coach, our main focus is on children's confidence levels and would like to assist your child on their journey to be coming the best version of themselves as without high levels of confidence, your child's ability to believe in themselves, becomes next to impossible to achieve and hold onto.

We want to teach children to have a healthy relationship with themselves, as well as with their parents, as it lays the foundation for any future relationship, decision making and emotional state.

I will help assist your child in goal identification and implementation and  I will listen, support and, on occasions, challenge them too. I will believe in your child even when they don’t believe in themselves and I will be constantly motivating and inspiring them to be the best that they can be. I am 100% committed to their success and hope to be invited on your family's journey

*All our sessions are carried out on a guaranteed confidential basis

Why Choose Us

At That Sassy Life Coach we are 100% dedicated to furthering your child's social, study and life skills.

As a Life Coach, I focus on the future and how we can achieve goals together, how to prevent failures from being repeated, improve our confidence levels, find our strengths, discover our domain of happiness and leave the past behind. It is all about finding inner peace and balance.

We show your child why routine is important rather than just trying to enforce it. We help your children understand, listen, pay attention to detail and take charge of their destiny all while feeling confident, healthy and happy.

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Lower Fees

Please feel free to browse through the various Life coaching packages we offer or contact us for more assistance

Our prices are significantly lower than our competitors as my sole purpose is to uplift, guide, support and challenge you or your child, and make your overall family unit, a stronger one. My goal is to not to drain you financially.

Life Coach Training Courses

We offer Life Coach Training Courses to any Au Pairs, Teachers, Nannies and moms looking to further their knowledge on children, their CV and themselves.

Haven't completed any Au Pair Training? Not a problem. Get in touch today or go straight to our Training Page to be a better version of you.