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Child Life Coach In Johannesburg

At That Sassy Life Coach we have a decade of experience in working with children, implementing routine and structure, goal identification and implementation and increasing their confidence levels.

We are a 100% woman-led company who is passionate about giving both woman and children a voice and giving them the opportunity to improve themselves as individuals.

*All our sessions are carried out on a guaranteed confidential basis

Why Choose Us

At That Sassy Life Coach, the owner has devoted the better half of her life to guiding, supporting and providing children with the correct tools to overcome any obstacles and stress created by societies ever increasing demands

The owner graduated with a distinction and continues to further her education on an annual basis to ensure she keeps up with the latest Life coaching practices, techniques and cognitive development in children.

The owner's experience:

  • The owner has had experience as a home and school teacher
  • The owner was once a Counselor at a well-known children's holiday and school camp in Kwazulu-Natal
  • The owner was once an Au Pair and gained insight into learning how to manage family dynamics and conflict
  • The owner graduated with distinction as a Life Coach from an Academy in the United Kingdom

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Our Expertise 

At That Sassy Life Coach we seek to help every individual and pride ourselves on the following services:

  • Child Life Coaching Services
  • Family Separation
  • Stress and Time Management
  • Goal Identification and Implementation
  • Exam Preparation
  • Master Communication Skills
  • Listening Skills
  • Training

Life Coach Training Courses

Are you an Au PairNanny or Tutor? Are you looking to improve your CV and stand out as a candidate? Or are you a mom looking to foster a stronger, healthier relationship with your child? At That Sassy Life Coach we offer Au Pairs, Nannies, Moms and Tutors with a chance to join our highly rated online training course

Our course is reliable, affordable and convenient and provides you with an alternative to Au Pair Training

Have a look at our Courses for more information on our Training.

Lower Fees

Our prices are significantly lower than our competitors as my sole purpose is to uplift, guide, support and challenge you or your child, and make your overall family unit, a stronger one. My goal is to not to drain you financially.

Please feel free to browse through the various Life coaching packages we offer or contact us for more assistance